101 Beauty Tips for Men (Part 2)

“Beauty for men” with 101 tips has returned with part 2 to “tell” you more tips to care for lips, teeth, and hair.

Beauty for men is not too difficult, and it is completely simple if you know the following and start to take care of each part such as teeth, hair …

How to help beautiful lips, shiny white teeth

27. One of the first things people notice on your face is your smile. And if they see yellow stains or plaque on their teeth, the first impression of you is not good at all. Brush your teeth with teeth whitening, floss, and visit your doctor regularly for a radiant smile. That is the first step in men’s beauty

you often brush your teeths

you often brush your teeths

28. If you often forget to apply lip balm during the day, apply a thick layer before going to bed. It will reduce cracks in winter and help you get a full lip every time you wake up.

29. Many times brushing and flossing is not enough, see your dentist regularly just in case you have any problems!

30. Besides taking care of beautiful teeth, you should also make sure that you have a good breath. Always carry mints or gum to avoid confusing situations.

31. As everyone knows, brushing your teeth is a good habit. But not leaving the toothpaste in the mouth! Pay attention to this after brushing your teeth!

32. Dry lips are not only uncomfortable but also not seductive at all. Always bring lip balm with you when winter comes!

33. It is not necessary to go to the dental office to get white teeth, you can always buy whitening products and do it yourself at home.

How to take care of men’s hair

34. Next time you get a haircut, ask for an oiled steamer. Once done, you’ll have silky, sleek hair that everyone wants to touch.

Next time you get a haircut, ask for an oiled steamer

Next time you get a haircut, ask for an oiled steamer

35. If your hair is thinning on the top and sides of your head, use effective products like Rogaine to maintain your hair!

36. Sometimes hair growth stimulants won’t work for you either. That’s when you should consider a hair transplant.

37. Some guys can look great with long messy hair. But you should just keep this in mind and cut your hair as soon as you touch your ears!

38. Hair conditioner seems is a good choice every time you run out of shampoo, but it makes your hair look even more sticky without washing it. Never try this crazy idea.

39. Even if you have short hair, you should brush your hair every time you take a shower.

40. Sometimes your hair gets messy and you can’t control it, use some hairspray to keep things in line!

41. Choosing a residue-free shampoo is essential. Because they can clog pores, irritate the scalp, and even breakouts.

42. While looking for the perfect shampoo, choose products that help remove DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT causes hair loss by preventing blood from circulating and can eventually make you go bald.

43. Another thing to note when it comes to shampoo is dandruff or dead cells on the scalp. If this happens, you may need to switch to that medicinal shampoo!

you may need to switch to that medicinal shampoo!

you may need to switch to that medicinal shampoo!

44. No matter how grandiose shampoo ads are, you shouldn’t wash your hair more than once a day. Because it will remove the necessary oil and make hair dry and damaged.

45. Even if you wash it once a day, you should use the hair conditioner. It will help moisturize and restore hair.

46. ​​If you suddenly run out of shaving cream, you can always make use of peanut butter instead.

47. If you have a completely bald top of your head then do not hesitate to not shave completely. It will look ten times more class and beautiful.

48. Don’t be afraid to change hairstyles. Most men are loyal to a hairstyle for a long time. Consult a hairstylist for a more youthful look!

 Keep hair roots away from hair care products

Keep hair roots away from hair care products

49. If you notice that you have gray hair, dye it. You can go to the store to do it if you’re afraid of a mess.

50. Even without gray hair, you can still dye your hair to change a youthful, more attractive style. Consider, research the hair color that best suits your interests and yourself.

51. Keep hair roots away from hair care products. Gel or mouse styling sticks on the scalp can cause breakouts.

Hope you have gathered useful information for your manly beauty and beauty enhancement. The beauty work for men is actually very simple, if you persevere and take the time to learn the beauties, you will quickly become more handsome. Please continue to read part 3 to learn how to take better care of your body. See you later on Top10perfumesformen.com

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