5 Location to spray perfume helping flavor spread all day

Behind knees
Behind knees

Today, Top10perfumes will reveal 5 Positions of Perfume Spray to Spread the Fragrance All Day! Normally, after spraying perfume, people often bring with them a bottle of perfume as a precaution, when the scent fades, we spray it a few more times.

This can cure a fire in the short term, but you may not always have a perfume bottle on hand and it is important that because you have not chosen the right place to spray your perfume, your fragrance will not spread evenly. Today Top10perfumes will guide you to the 5 best perfume spray locations!

1. Hair

If you have fluffy hair this is an ideal place to spray the perfume, as the intertwined strands of hair, help spread and store the scent very well.

spraying perfume on comb
spraying perfume on comb

(Note that absolutely do not spray directly on the hair because the perfume will dry out your hair quickly), spray on a comb and brush your hair, the perfume will be dispersed evenly, just enough on your hair.

2. Behind the ears, nape

This is the most popular location and is considered the “pulse point”, this is the point with more blood vessels and higher temperature than other locations, allowing the fragrance to spread instantly and the aroma more intense and seductive.

Behind the ears, nape
Behind the ears, nape


Similar to the back of the neck, this is the second pulse point, where there are many pulses, helping the fragrance to spread further, but this is also the point that many people use the most wrong way.

If you have a habit of rubbing your wrists after spraying, you make the perfume evaporate faster, and most importantly, this will break the bonds of the perfume, causing the perfume to break down. change of smell.


4. Just before navel

This is a little trick that few people expect, just spray a little perfume on this central position of the body, the scent of the perfume when blending with the body scent will create a distinctive, seductive scent. charm your own, giving an indelible impression on the opponent.

5. Behind knees

For the lower part of the body, this is the most suitable position, each time you walk the fragrance will spread with each step. Especially if you are wearing a skirt, the dress is even more wonderful, at this time your body will radiate its fragrance and literally seduce “from head to toe”.

Behind knees
Behind knees

Some other notes:

  • Do not spray perfume on light-colored clothes because the perfume will stain your clothes quickly
  • For the best and most comfortable spread of the flower scent for people around, remember to choose the right perfume bottle in the right weather. In the hot and humid summer, choose for yourself the bottles of fresh, light concentration, with the flavor of the sea, gentle flowers will help you feel comfortable. In the cold winter, you can choose warm, sweeter bottles, bottles of Wood, Oriental, in this case, will be suitable.

3 Spraying positions of flowers should be avoided

Even if you want to smell your favorite scent, there are some places that are really harmful when it comes to perfumes. Let’s find out where you should avoid the spray, as it can do more harm than good.

Near your eyes

To avoid irritation, avoid spraying the perfume anywhere near your eyes. Perfumes containing alcohol and ethyl alcohol can cause serious damage when they come into contact with sensitive skin.

3 Spraying positions of flowers should be avoided
3 Spraying positions of flowers should be avoided

In your armpits

Even if you want to spray perfume on high-temperature areas, think again about spraying perfume into your armpits. Combining sweat glands with high alcohol perfumes can lead to serious irritation – anyone who has applied a scented deodorant on a freshly shaved armpit will know the itch and burning sensation is extremely uncomfortable.

Around your genitals

Stay away from private areas the next time you apply perfume. This can lead to burning, itching, and other irritation you probably won’t want to experience.

Wish you choose the most suitable perfume bottle for yourself, and remember to use it properly!


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