Basic Knowledge About Men’s Perfume – Top 10 Best Perfumes For Men

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

Men’s perfume is an important and indispensable accessory for every gentleman. To choose the right fragrance, it is important to understand Basic Knowledge. Once equipped with this, you will choose a more accurate, more suitable perfume bottle. From there, you can confidently express yourself in any area of life. Join Top 10 Best Perfumes For Men to find out about the exciting world of perfume.

1. Basic knowledge of perfume

The most important and basic knowledge about perfumery is the concentration of essential oils, the symbol of the bottle capacity, the 3 layers of incense, and the commonly used incense group.

1.1. Five common essential oil concentrations

Five common essential oil concentrations
Five common essential oil concentrations

1.2 Differentiate perfume levels

  • Extrait de Parfum (Perfume Extract)

There is an essential oil ratio of 20-30%, so their concentration is very high, the scent stays for a relatively long time, about 8-10 hours. Because of the high percentage of essential oils, the disadvantage of this type is that the smell is quite overpowering, and not suitable for many people. In addition, if you are living in a relatively hot and humid climate, avoid using them. Because the amount of essential oil is high, the fragrance usually comes at expensive prices.

Laurent Mazzone Scandinavian Crime
Laurent Mazzone Scandinavian Crime
  • Eau de Parfum (EDP) 

Behind Extrait de Parfum is Eau de Parfum, or EDP for short. The concentration of essential oils is in the range of 15-20%. Although the percentage is lower than Perfume Extrait, this is a perfume that is considered to have a relatively high concentration in scent. For sensitive people, they might find this strong fragrance unappealing.

The scent of EDP lasts for about 6-8 hours, suitable to wear when participating in outdoor activities. In a more enclosed space, this scent can cause unease for some people. The cost of EDP comes with affordable prices and is lower than Extrait de Parfum.

Creed Aventus
Creed Aventus
  • Eau de Toilette (EDT)

Eau de Toilette or EDT for short is in the middle with a moderate price, moderate in terms of the concentration of essential oils as well as the longevity of the scent. Additionally, the scent is not overpowering, make it suitable for a bigger public. The percentage of essential oils of EDT is about 5 – 15%, keeping the fragrance for 4-6 hours, suitable for use during the day at school or work.

Bleu De Chanel
Bleu De Chanel
  • Eau de Cologne (EDC)

The percentage of EDC essential oil is relatively low, about 2-4%, the incense retention time is not high, so it is not preferred by many adults (over 25 years old). However, if you want a light and airy scent, enough to attract anyone standing near, then EDC will be a great choice. The price for this type is also quite suitable.

Baldessarini Perfume
Baldessarini Perfume
  • Eau Fraiche

Eau Fraiche is the type with the lowest concentration of essential oils, about 1 – 3%, the time to stay is about 2 – 3 hours. This seems to be the type that is not used by many people. Only those who are fond of lightness and sophistication will choose Eau Fraiche. The price for this concentration is the most affordable among all the other fragrances.

Eau Fraiche
Eau Fraiche

2. Men’s perfume bottle capacity

International perfumers often use the unit FL OZ (Fluid Ounce). This is the symbol for perfume bottle capacity. In which, 1 FL OZ is equivalent to 29,57353ml, and is rounded to 30ml.

On the market today there are the following popular capacities: 0.17 FL OZ (5 ml); 0.2 FL OZ (7 ml); 0.5 FL OZ (15ml); 1.0 FL OZ (30 ml); 2.2 FL OZ (65 ml); 2.5 FL OZ (75 ml); 3.0 FL OZ (90 ml); 3.4 FL OZ (100 ml); 4.25 FL OZ (125 ml) and 6.7 FL OZ (200 ml). The most common capacity that manufacturers often use is 100ml, ie 3.4 FL OZ.

3. Men’s perfume stratification

Men’s fragrance has 3 layers of notes: top notes, middle notes (also known as heart notes), and base notes. If you understand this well, you will know how to choose the more accurate men’s perfume.

Men's perfume stratification 
Men’s perfume stratification
  • The Top Notes

It is the first scent that spread out after a few seconds of spraying. This scent has the effect of creating a first impression for the user and the people around. Top notes are usually fresh, light, and volatile scents for about 15 minutes like Citrus or the Sea.

  • The Middle Notes

Also known as “Heart notes“. As the name suggests, this is similar to the heart of a perfume. This note is released after the first note starts to fade, creating a characteristic scent, masking the strong, harsh scent of the last note. Middle notes are long-lasting, usually lasting for 1 hour, or longer. Depending on the manufacturer, they will choose an intense, “bad boy” scent like Oriental, a warm, calm scent like Gourmand, or a fresh, free, and liberal scent like the Sea scent group.

  • The Based Notes

Usually appears and blends with the middle note when it has faded away. The name of this fragrance layer is Base notes, which is the basic and dominant scent of the perfume and has the longest staying time. The last note often brings a feeling of calm and concentration. For men’s fragrances, the Wood group is often chosen to make the base note. Because they have high fragrance retention, giving a strong and masculine feeling of a gentleman. In addition, the Oriental group is also used with musk, amber, tobacco, …

4. Popular fragrance groups

The perfume you choose will clearly show your personality. Through the dominant incense group, one can infer a man’s preferences and habits. That’s why the inventors always have to focus on portraying each person’s portrait and personality in each of their perfume bottles. Since then, fragrances have evolved into five popular fragrance groups and represent different types of men.

  • Citrus group of flavors (orange, lemon, tangerine, and ripe fruit)

You can see this group of scents most clearly in Tom Ford‘s Neroli Portofino, Atelier Cologne‘s Bergamote Soleil, and Dior‘s iconic Eau Sauvage. Citrus notes are often chosen as the top note of many perfumes because they evoke lightness and freshness.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino
Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

This note is often the choice of active and sporty guys: athletes, basketball guys, or even extroverts. Citrus also brings a positive, refreshing feeling, helps to stimulate emotions, and increases work performance.

  • The Marine (Sea) Scents

Considered a sophisticated scent of the 90s, the salty taste of salt, the scent of sea breeze and sand, the freshness of the ocean is still favored by many men today. Representing freedom, openness, and openness, this fragrance group is suitable for progressive, modern, and open-minded guys. On the emotional side, this note brings charm, clinging, elusive, not daring to approach but unable to leave. Similar to standing in front of the ocean, which is both vast and intense and calm, deep and close.

  • Gourmand flavor group (chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee)

The group of flavors derived from foods with specific and stimulating scents has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is hard to deny that these are sweet and delicate fragrances, evoking many layers of emotions and bringing a feeling of warmth and security.


Men who like these scents are charming, warm, and tasteful. They are sensitive guys, hidden in their sensuality and rich bed experience. Vanilla is often the preferred scent, evoking intimacy and lust in the opposite sex. A scent is full of sin but also undeniably attractive.

  • Oriental fragrance group (Eastern Asia)

Oriental is known as a group that is difficult to distinguish, including ingredients such as ginger, pepper, musk, frankincense, tobacco, etc. A scent to describe a determined and strong man, not easy from giving up goals, work, and stay passionate to the end. This is also the type of guy full of enthusiasm in love, sensuality.

Christopher Dior Spice Blend
Christopher Dior Spice Blend

It can be said that Oriental is not for “good boys”, more suitable for the rogue ones, with a rebellious personality. In addition, there is the mystery surrounding the Oriental incense group, like the mystery, attraction, and spirituality of the Eastern world. It will certainly make her unable to look back.

  • The Wood Group

Wood incense group brings a feeling of masculinity, along with a feeling of trust, safety, and certainty. You can find them in most men’s perfume bottles on the market, partly because of their longevity.

Tom Ford Oud Wood
Tom Ford Oud Wood

Wood incense also represents elegance, warmth and is somewhat classic. The choices for mature, experienced, and stable gentlemen. Deliver one the feeling of standing in the middle of a primeval forest and the scent of hundreds of trees surrounding. Pleasant, serene, believable, mysterious, and overwhelming at the same time. Woody men‘s perfume will recreate almost all of that wonderful feeling.

5. How to choose a men’s perfume

5.1. Choose Perfume Based On Season

  • Spring: This can be said to be the transitional season between heaven and earth, cool air. And your perfume will help you show same that youthfulness and excitement. The Citrus fragrance group will be the right choice for this season.
  • Summer: With the intense heat of summer, the perfume will evaporate quite quickly. Heat also makes the scent more intense. Therefore, you should not choose strong fragrances. During this time, you should only choose light, fresh scents like Citrus or Marine fragrance.
  • Autumn: In the fall, when the rhythm of life begins to subside, this is the right time to initiate the transition between the gentle fragrance of summer as well as the depth of winter. Oriental incense group is probably the most suitable fragrance group, expressing vitality, youth but not too classic and overpowering. This choice will be the right note to prepare for the cold of winter.
  • Winter: Before the cold, you will need a perfume that is stronger, and lasts longer. The Gourmand or Wood incense group will be a perfect choice. Shows warmth, safety as if you are protecting your love.

5.2. Choose Perfume Based On Age

  • Under 25 years old: Dynamic and youthful are the characteristics of this age group. This age group often prefers fresh and liberal scents such as Sea or Citrus.
  • 25 – 35 years old: Have started to step into career development, start to collide, and have a certain experience. But still retains the youthfulness, dynamism, and carelessness of youth. The Gourmand or Oriental fragrance group is probably the most suitable choice.
  • Over 35 years old: Stable career, having a family, it is imperative to find a perfume bottle that represents a reliable husband, a perfect father, and a man. Wood incense group is the perfect choice for these mature men.

6. How To Try On Perfume

When trying on a perfume, spray the perfume on your wrist and wait for about 10 to 20 minutes for the perfume to mix with your body odor. You can use a test paper, but it won’t be as accurate as spraying it directly on your body. Because each person has a different body odor, when mixed with perfume, it will create different scents.

Man trying on perfume
Man trying on perfume

In addition, when trying out perfumes, you should only try on a maximum of 3 types. If applied more than 3, the sense of smell will become disordered and you cannot choose accurately. When applying perfume, you also need to spray the perfume in different places. The first two bottles should be sprayed on either side of the wrist, and the third should be sprayed on the inner elbow. After a few minutes, have a smell and feel it.

7. The Right Way To Spray Perfume For Men

Always keep in mind to wear a reasonable amount of perfume for people around you to catch a glimpse of your scent. This will promote the effect of the perfume and make you more attractive. Remember, never soaked yourself with perfume before leaving the house as it creates the opposite effect.

Wearing Perfume Correctly
Wearing Perfume Correctly

There are some important positions that you should apply when using perfume. The chest and throat areas are suitable places to apply perfume. At these two perfume positions, the perfume will be easier to mix with your natural body odor. The position behind the parotid can be applied when for close interactions.

Men can also choose the wrist position. The large pulses on the wrist will help disperse the perfume throughout the body. In this position, remember not to rub your wrists together because this will create a force that breaks the scent molecules of the perfume and makes the perfume fades faster.

Another thing to keep in mind when using perfume is your skin. Fragrances tend to last longer with oily skin. So if you have dry skin, respray often.

8. Four Elements To Determine Authenticity Of Perfume

  • The Scent: The scent of genuine perfume will have a delicate, characteristic scent, and clearly distinguish 3 layers of incense. Inauthentic perfumes often do not show all these 3 scents. To deceive buyers, fake perfumes will ensure a good top note, but the middle and bottom layers often appear unclear or completely absent. Besides, fake perfume often has a strong smell, causing discomfort or headaches.
  • Perfume retention: The scent retention of fake perfume bottles is much shorter than genuine men’s perfumes. If after only 1-2 hours, the scent of the perfume has faded, the perfume bottle may be fake.
  • Logo and text: the logo and writing on the body of the bottle, the genuine men’s perfume box will match on the company’s website. They are printed specifically, clearly, without fading or smudging.
  • Perfume color: genuine perfume has a beautiful and fresh color, is clear and does not look faded. Inauthentic goods often have a darker color due to the use of coloring agents or a lighter color due to misleading ingredients. And fakes often have sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

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9. Preserve Perfume Correctly

9.1. Keep The Perfume Bottle Holder

When buying perfume, don’t throw away the box. It may be more inconvenient each time you use it, this box is an accessory designed by the company to help the scent last longer. Keep this in mind.

9.2. Avoid The Sun And Preserve In Cold Place

Sunlight will cause the perfume molecules to decompose into another form or lose the smell. Therefore, store perfume in a cool, dry place and avoid sunlight.

Low temperature helps prolong the life of perfume quite well. Therefore, you can store your perfume bottle in the refrigerator. However, it is necessary to create a separate compartment so that the perfume does not have the smell of other foods.

Put Perfumes In Refrigerator
Put Perfumes In Refrigerator

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10. Avoid Leave Perfume In The Bathroom

Some men often have the habit of leaving perfumes in the bathroom, so that it is convenient to use after bathing. However, the humid environment in the bathroom is favorable for harmful bacteria and fungi to grow. This will reduce the life of the perfume significantly.

Storing Perfumes In Bathroom
Storing Perfumes In Bathroom

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11. Close Cap After Use

Perfumes that are not covered will release the smell into the air, exposure to the air will oxidize and lose its scent. Therefore, immediately close the lit after usage.

Close Perfume Lit After Use
Close Perfume Lit After Use

This is the most basic knowledge of perfumery. Your remaining task is to find out and choose the most suitable men’s perfume bottle for you. It’s not easy, but it’s well worth the investment of your time, effort, and money.

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