What Are the Consequences of the Use of Fake Perfumes?

Currently, many shops are selling hand-made perfumes online on the cosmetic market. Besides, counterfeit goods also appear a lot and are widely sold at night markets, sidewalks … making consumers confused and be confused about where to buy perfume is genuine. In this post, top10perfume will share the consequences of the use of fake perfumes so that we can recognize the signs if we buy it


Fake perfumes are perfumes designed with the same name, label, design, and smell very similar to real perfume bottles. In particular, some places have produced fake perfumes that are almost replicas of the world’s leading brands. Fake perfumes are not tested, tested for safety, as well as it is not managed according to the law.

A real perfume bottle takes a lot of effort and money to produce a perfume bottle that has a delicate and special fragrance that does not affect the health of the user. Then in a fake perfume bottle, they do not take too much time or time to test the reaction or danger to the user. They just focus on making the bottle as real as possible at the lowest cost.

And one thing is for sure, a fake perfume bottle will not have the standard and natural ingredients but all chemicals mixed in. The most common is that they use vodka and cetyl cedrene, the two chemicals most commonly used in the making of plastics and rubber with poor quality alcohol and some unknown chemical flavors.

Fake perfumes are so sophisticated that when you buy them, use them before you discover them. If you are not familiar with perfumes, you will be able to buy poor quality goods at a cheaper price of several hundred dollars, sometimes up to a thousand dollars, it is wasteful and extremely regrettable. To attract customers, many stores also offer a discount of 40-50% for a perfume bottle.


A lot of you think that perfume is just an external scent. So it is not necessary to spend a large amount of money to buy a genuine perfume bottle. But most people cannot foresee the consequences of using fake perfumes.

Usually, when using perfume, you will spray in places with many pulses such as the wrists, the back of the neck, and in the chest. These skin areas are usually thin and prone to irritation


The first harm that is most noticeable in people with sensitive skin is the skin irritation caused by the use of fake perfumes. Usually, you will get hot, red in the areas where the perfume comes into contact, sometimes even blisters or swelling. Some more severe cases can lead to skin ulcers and dark scars that are difficult to heal.


And some of your carefree use for a long time, these chemicals can affect your respiratory system such as sinusitis, headache, asthma … Besides, some toxic ingredients in perfumes. Fake also affects the nervous system and cardiovascular.


If anyone is familiar, when smelling a fake perfume bottle, it will be easy to recognize because the fake perfume will only imitate the first layer of fragrance. On the other hand, they smell very quickly, unable to save three layers of scent like real perfume bottles. The three-tiered scent is the most expensive and recognizable point of a real perfume bottle.

It will be a pity if you spend a large amount of money but still buy the wrong goods. But more regrettable is still serious effect to your health.

Therefore, do not believe in tricks like “huge discounts” or reputable places to buy fake perfume bottles at super cheap prices and then “process your painting on your body”!

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