How To Choose The Right Perfume For Me?

Don't try too many fragrances in one go shopping
Don't try too many fragrances in one go shopping

Finding your signature scent is a special occasion; it’s a personal choice that feels right for you in so many ways!  But there are several factors to be explored if you want to get there. So, whether you’re starting your journey into the world of fragrances or you’re just bored of the scent you always reach for, our experts here at top10perfume are here to help. Welcome to our ultimate guide on choosing the right perfume for you!

1. Don’t try too many fragrances in one go shopping

 Don't try too many fragrances in one go shopping
Don’t try too many fragrances in one go shopping

Even if you have made it your mission to find your new signature aroma, it’s worth limiting the amount you try at one time to a maximum of three, that is perfect. You should test your chosen fragrances on different areas of your skin for at least 24 hours before you make a decision. This way, you can really understand and appreciate how the scent will develop on your skin.

2. Don’t rush in the buying process

When you first spray perfume, the initial notes you will experience are known as ‘top notes’. These will exist for a while, but then they will develop into the middle notes. Then finally, this will dry down into the longer-lasting base notes. Never decide whether a fragrance is the one for you from the first spray, as you need the time of developing scent to experience after the first spritz.

Don't rush in the buying process
Don’t rush in the buying process

3. Understand Fragrance Notes And Families

Do you already have a collection of aromas? If so, what do they say about you? Are your scents bursting with warm, Oriental notes? Do you favor florals? Or perhaps you adore the freshness, crisp of citrus? If so, you can use this knowledge as the basis of your search for a new fragrance. besides, you can explore fragrance families which are the opposite of your usual go-to if you are in the good mood for something totally new!

4. Follow Your Instincts

Ouds might be booming fancy and popularity flowers can your best friend’s top pick, but you should never select a scent based on other people’s opinions. It is a personal choice, so always go with what naturally appeals to your style and senses.

Follow Your Instincts
Follow Your Instincts

5. Shopping Online? Try These Services

If you cannot get to one of our top10perfumes stores, it doesn’t mean your journey to finding the right scent for you has finished. Why not try one of our online services created to help you buy a fragrance when you can’t test it in person?

First, we have our Fragrance Finder. You will be asked several questions, and based on your answers, the perfume finder will suggest some perfumes you can like. Then there is our Try More Service, where you can select up to five 1-2ml samples to be delivered to your door.

And finally, our Try Me Service, where we will send you a small vial of fragrance when you buy the full-sized version, so you can test the sample before opening.


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