Meaning of Symbols and Information on Perfume Bottles

When you buy a perfume bottle, you will see a lot of symbols as well as the information printed on the packaging of the perfume bottle.

But not everyone can read and understand the full meaning of that information.

Today Top10perfumes will explain a few of the main information and symbols on the perfume bottle so that you can understand better!

Information About the Concentration of Perfume

The concentration of perfume essential oil is the parameter that most people are first concerned with.

There are 5 types of perfume concentrations, but the 2 most common are EDT (Eau De Toilette) and EDP (Eau De Parfum). Usually, women’s perfumes have a lot of EDP, while men’s fragrances are mostly EDT.


Symbolic Meaning “Fl. Oz. “On Perfume Bottles

Fl. Oz. is the abbreviation of the word “Fluid Ounce”, which is the unit of measurement of liquid. Unit Oz. popularly used in the world but quite unfamiliar to Vietnamese consumers as well as the oriental country (often using ml). 1 Fl. Oz. Equivalent to 29.57ml, so some common volumes of perfumes are defined as follows:

5ml = 0.17 Fl .Oz (or 0.16 Fl. Oz.)
50ml = 1.7 Fl. Oz.
100ml = 3.4 Fl. Oz (or 3.3 Fl. Oz)

The Meaning of the Phrase or “Natural Spray” or “Vaporisatuer Spray”

The 2 phrases above all mean the way of using perfume in the form of mist. So any perfume bottle that does not have one of the above two phrases means using other forms such as dot, roll, dab, … (almost bottles with a capacity of 30ml or more are mist spraying, and a mini part big dots, a few are rolling)

Notation of the Expiry Date of Perfumes

You can see the best expiry date for perfumes by looking at the symbol “The bottle open lid”, with numbers such as 24M, 36M on the perfume bottle (as illustrated below). For example, a 36M bottle is the recommended shelf life, which is best 36 months after the first date of use.

However, the date of perfume is not the same as the date of confectionery, milk, food, … is a must to remove if the date is out. There are well-preserved perfume bottles that many people spend 7-10 years still fragrant. Besides, if the fragrance is out of date, using it does not affect health such as confectionery, medicine, … but it just changes the smell unlike the original smell, usually, it will be a little darker.

Information About the Place of Production

This information is almost the customer who asks the most, often asking “if this perfume bottle is French or not”, but many consumers confuse this place.

The origin of perfume and place of manufacture are 2 different concepts. For example, Chanel perfume origin, the origin is France because Chanel is a French brand, but can be made in the USA because the factory is located there; or Bvlgari is from Italy, but if there is a factory in Spain, it must be stated as Made In Spain. Like the phone you are using is an American iPhone, but the factory in China must say Made in China, but standards and quality are still genuine and quality.

As for why the seller often says that my products are French, that means that he or she wants to say perfumes imported from the Store in France, not from the store in Russia, England, Japan, … although every country has enough perfumes from brands.

Most of the reasons why importing from French stores is standard because France is the cradle of the perfume industry. French stores have enough brands and standards to enter French stores are very difficult, so they are usually standard goods. The flight attendants also do not need to go to Italy to import some BVL bottles, go to the UK to import a few bottles of Burberry, … but only in France to have enough perfumes with the highest genuine standards.

The Meaning of the Code Matches the Package and Body of the Perfume Bottle

On the body of the perfume bottle and the case, there are a pair of matching codes, simply to ensure the product has not been swapped.

This code is printed, engraved, or embossed on the body of the bottle and box, depending on each brand.

Perfume Bar Code

Most users today often use perfume bar codes to check genuine or not.

This is a complete mistake. Its barcode is simply the stripes printed on the box, anyone who wants to print any barcode can do it, and print any bottle barcode.

It is simply used to check the description of the product, where the product is made, fragrance parameters, ingredients, … and used to manage goods, inventory, checkout when you buy the product only.


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