Perfume Production Process

Have you ever wondered where perfumes are made from? And who created it? Let’s join Top10perfume to learn about the perfume production process. Fragrances containing scent components dissolved in the solvent ethyl alcohol were first produced around the 14th century in Hungary, and at that time only the Royal Family used the perfume


Perfume is produced on the principle of dissolving the fragrance into a solvent ethyl alcohol. Depending on the type of perfume as well as the composition of the scent, there is a different ratio of ethyl alcohol.

After the preparation is complete, the perfume solution will be filtered back to remove the precipitated components, then stored in specialized equipment, mostly stainless steel tanks, stored where available cool temperature, avoid sunlight.


The refining process is to remove the smell of alcohol, making the perfume lighter and lighter. In the purification phase, chemical reactions: ester formation, acetal, oxidation, polymerization, … occur.


Ethyl alcohol is the solvent used in perfumes, ethyl alcohol is derived from natural or synthetic. There are 2 common concentrations are 99.5% (anhydrous form) and 95% (water form). Ethyl alcohol is added to perfumes to create a bitter taste, to limit users from mistakenly drinking.


Distillation: This method works with solid ingredients such as bark and fragrant wood, which helps to separate the essential oils from the residue. The ingredients are heated with water, the steam rises to carry the fragrance, and condenses in the glass tube. Then the water is filtered out, the rest is perfume.

Cold pressing for water: this method applies to fruit ingredients such as oranges, lemons, tangerines, … Fruit peels after being pressed into the water, waiting for the essence to settle will be filtered through a specialized wet paper layer to separate essential oil out. The cold pressing method helps to keep almost intact the fresh aroma of the fruits.

Extraction: When the solvent is mixed with the plant material and then heated, it will absorb the aroma of the ingredients. The process of evaporation will remove unnecessary substances such as fat, wax, … The rest are the essence of the ingredients needed for the preparation of perfumes.

Aromatherapy: this method is less commonly used today than before. This is for flower ingredients. The petals are arranged on a glass surface covered with animal fat. After about 48 hours the essential oils of the flower will be blended into the fat layer. This mixture is then cleaned with pure alcohol and filtered out.

As you can see, the perfumery process is very complicated. From the selection of raw materials to the distillation, it needs meticulousness and meticulousness. It is not only the crystallization of the essence of plants and flowers but also the cherished people who always crave and want to bring the fragrance and the most beautiful things to everyone.

The fragrance helps us to forget the troubles to make us happier in life. The girls and boys, thanks to perfumes, are also more confident and seductive, and their lives will gradually become better and more successful. So please cherish each perfume bottle that you own!

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