Best Creed Colognes & Perfumes for Men 2022

Let’s discover the most classy scents of genuine Creed perfumes through Top 10 Best Creed Colognes & Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2022 right below. And where will be the fragrance for you? Creed perfumes are famous and long-standing high-end products. Possessing royal aromas, when special Creed perfumes are loved by royalty and elites for nearly 260 years.


No surprise here. Creed Aventus is the star of the fragrance community. This is the brand’s selling fragrance in their entire 260-year history and for good reason of it! This smells PHENOMENAL. There’s no explanation to be had here: Aventus is the best-smelling Creed cologne.

No matter how much people say it is overrated and hyped. It lives up to all expectations. A fruity and sweet masculine scent that is super unique smelling, but also remains mass appealing. Smells like blackcurrant, pineapple, and apple combo, with underlying woods and musk. Super-versatile. Aventus can be used for all occasions and in all seasons, day or night. Especially amazing for nights out and dates, this is where it shines.

Since its release in 2010 other perfumes have tried to copy it with their own similar take. But, Creed Aventus remains the original and the best all the time. Brutal compliment getter and a lead.


Before this, perfumers would only use one part of the vetiver plant to create these perfumes. Olivier Creed went one step further and used all three parts of the vetiver plant to create a unique spin on the vetiver genre.

This color of the bottle represents what this fragrance is all about: A super uplifting green, fresh aromatic scent that gives you that fresh out-the-shower vibe.

Creed Original Vetiver is the great definition of freshness! It has a beautiful mix of sparkling citrus blended with light vetiver in the background with brightness to it. It a very safe, clean and inoffensive, easy to wear cologne. Highly super long-lasting and versatile.

This is a unisex scent and can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages, though probably more suited to the 25+ age group. Perfect for the summer and spring, but can be worn whenever, work and casual, the perfect tie and shirt office scent. This is signature scent worthy.


It can be said Creed Erolfa is a hidden gem. This scent is often overlooked in the House of Creed because of the big guns dominating their line-up.

This stuff smells so amazing. Creed Erolfa is a unique super fresh citrus fragrance that has a sparkling sea salt marine vibe. Invigorating and fresh and so easy to wear. Smells like a fresh summer sea breeze mixed with a citrusy melon vibe. It’s so beautiful.

Nowadays, this is a great daytime casual scent. Perfect for the warmer and sunny months. Lasting performance is quite respectable for a citrus-based scent. Here’s a tip that works great for you: just simply give your clothes a quick spritz, it makes your citrus-based scents last longer.


If you want to smell turn heads and super unique, Royal Oud is for you. This is Creed’s perfume take on a European-friendly oud-based and easy-to-wear scent.

This smells oozes and luxurious Creed quality. Creed Royal Oud is a scented resin that is distilled from the rare agarwood tree that grows only in certain parts of the World. Due to its rarity, oud is so expensive. The oud in this only plays a small supporting role and very subtle in the fragrance. This smells fresh and citrusy with a sweet and fruity vibe, with spicy woody accords (mainly from the sandalwood and cedar.)

An amazing safe, mass-appealing, none offensive oud fragrance. Best worn in cool weather: winter/fall (cool spring nights). Great for nights out, dates, the office, upscale formal events. This will make you smell like Royalty.

Bonus: Women often love this stuff, immense compliments with this one.


If you need a bottle of the scent of summer, this would be it. This is a super unique fruity and fresh citrus perfumes, which is absolutely perfect for going on summer vacation or if you live in hot climates. Creed Virgin Island Water opens up with a smooth creamy coconut vibe and a blast of super fresh lime.

This is the ultimate vacation cologne. By the way, for more amazing fragrances that work well in the high heat day. it doesn’t make non-offensive and extremely natural smelling, so Creed Virgin Island Water always receives a lot of compliments. This is a unisex fragrance and is best for casual and summer use. Perfect for visiting the beach and hanging out in a pair of shorts.

To be honest, if you like coconut, this is for you.


This is The best Creed cologne for clubbing. Original Santal is Creeds take on a sandalwood-based fragrance, and it doesn’t disappoint. Santal is the French word for “sandalwood,” which is the star of aroma lines, along with a prominent spicy cinnamon note.

What does it smell like?

This smells clean and fresh with a prominent spicy cinnamon note, with an added sweet smooth creamy vibe. Super mass appealing and unique. In English, it call smells phenomenal. Very versatile, can be worn dressed down, dressed up, any age group. Perfect for clubbing, dates, nights outs, romantic settings, etc. Best for winter, fall, and maybe spring nights.

Now, a quick word of warning: Do not wear Creed Original Santal in the high summer heat. You will choke everyone around you out.


Be prepared for compliments

This has been a Creed best seller since its debut in 1995, and for a worthy reason. Silver Mountain Water is a super sophisticated, unique scent. This is a very clean and fresh herbal scent. It starts with citrusy and has a unique smooth metallic ink vibe from green tea and the blackcurrant notes. Very inoffensive and light.

This is extremely well screams and blended quality. Very versatile, smells great on a woman and man, any age. More suited for the warmer weather and you can be worn dressed up or casually. Super long-lasting and will bring you a lot of compliments.


The gold standard of Aquatics.

Millesime Imperial is Creed’s unique take on a fresh citrusy scent. And you won’t disappoint. As the legend goes… Millesime Imperial was allegedly created for the King of Saudi Arabia. This opens up with a blast of citrusy fruity, fresh notes with a touch of sea salt. Smells like a marine vibe with add a juicy mouth-watering freshly cut watermelon and a touch of sweetness fresh.

Being a fresh citrus-based scent, we have seen some people in the past report longevity issues of it. The bottle we tested was from 2018 and we didn’t have any issues about lasting longevity, averaging out about a solid 7 to 8 hours of longevity after use.

Aquatic and Citrus based scents are not super long-lasting. A good tip to make citrus-based scents last longer is to simply spray on your clothes a spritz. Sorted. Is it worth the price? Absolutely.


Creed Viking is the Creed house’s newest release for men. Their first major men’s release since Aventus in 2010 and was said the most anticipated perfume in Creeds history.

Aventus was an extremely ground-breaking scent. It was a trendsetter that changed the game in the fragrance industry in that time. Because of this, some Creed fans were expecting Viking to be an Aventus part II and expected it to be better.

It kicks off with a fiery spicy vibe with a blast of icy freshness from the pink pepper. Then it smooths out beautifully to an alluring sparkling salty marine note with woods and a slight dose of rose and mint. Very contemporary. Super versatile, you can be worn in any season, casual and dressed up, night or day. Would make an amazing signature scent.

This is a more masculine, mature fragrance, more for your 30-up crowd. It makes a statement and bold. Admittedly, Aventus is still the best and lasts slightly longer, but you will have smell much more unique with Viking.

Viking is a very well-composed scent that gets amazing ladies’ reactions. Creed Viking did not disappoint.


This is a classic fragrance that never goes out of style. After being released way back in 1985, Creed Green Irish Tweed has proven itself and stood the test of time. Today, this is still one of Creed’s best-selling colognes, and for a lot of good reason.

It’s fresh, it’s crisp, it’s sharp. The perfect balance between a clean, fresh, citrusy scent and a masculine scent. Opens up green and soapy, then dries down to ambergris and sandalwood, giving it a fresh woody sweetness vibe.

It can be said is crazy versatile – can be worn anytime, anywhere by all ages. You can wear this suited up or in a jeans and T-shirt. In the casual and office, you name it. Would make a perfect signature scent and is very long-lasting. But, where this truly shines is in the summer and spring.

Now, a quick word of warning: Calm down with the sprays, as Creed Green Irish Tweed is quite strong. Two to three sprays max.

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