Top 10 Best Dunhill Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021

Century Eau de Parfum
Century Eau de Parfum

Fashion has a long history, for anybody who has a taste in the perfume industry, they would realize Alfred Dunhill, a famous English perfume brand that has been delivering quality products to the public for more than a century. In the Top 10 Best Dunhill Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021, the article is going to give you a collection of the top 10 favored colognes products for males in 2021. Let’s dive in and have an observation of these beautiful products.


Even though the public would believe the original Century Blue is the flanker of this chain of perfume, In 2019, Alfred Dunhill released this fresh wood aromatic manly aroma formed with a musky base that offers the public an entirely new experience.

Century Blue EDP opens with zesty bergamot, black pepper, and bright orange. A powdery or herd iris blooms beautifully, whilst spicy ginger and a hint of neroli give it a splash of masculinity rather than being overly feminine. Upon dry-down, a serious musky base, sweet ambroxan envelopes the salty notes that give its wearers an oceanic vibe

Century Blue Eau de Parfum
Century Blue Eau de Parfum

As for the perfect time to be put on, Century Blue is a complex manly summer/spring daytime fragrance. Its positive and lively scent fits perfectly for any casual occasion or holiday. The longevity performance is fair with more than 4 hours with reasonable sillage and projection, similar to the original Century.

In general, the Century Blue is a fresh, clean, and slightly salty masculine fragrance that gives its wearer an energetic, oceanic vibe, perfect for summer/spring wear. For the public who are fond of retro style, they would go for the Century Blue compared to the original Century.

  • Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Black Pepper, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Neroli, Ginger, Iris, Styrax
  • Base Notes: Sea Salt, Patchouli, Oakmoss, Ambroxan


For the next perfume that is worthy to be in the Top 10 Best Dunhill Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021, we have Dunhill Icon Eau de Parfum, a style aromatic scent of floral, spices, and citrus that expresses elegance and class. This product was first launched in 2015, and the perfume developer who created this magnificent fragrance is Carlos Benaim (of Frederic Malle fame).

The initial scent of Icon is flowery and bright, yet carries a masculine vibe, with sweet neroli and crisp bergamot, mixed with black pepper. A heart of sweet Lavender, additional spiciness of Cardamom, and Pepper to keep things interesting. The discreet yet noticeable leather. It is one complex and yet, carries the elegance in male scent

Icon Eau de Parfum
Icon Eau de Parfum

As for the suitable time to wear Icon Eau de Parfum,  this classical men’s fragrance suits perfectly for any occasion and any season. This perfume would create a modern signature yet signature scent. Longevity is going to last for more than 6 hours. It is not a projection kind and sillage monster, but you know that the fragrance is laying on you and definitely not a skin scent.

Overall, Dunhill Icon Eau de Parfum is a modern, sophisticated and stylish male fragrance that is incredibly flexible. The quality of the product certainly shows the investment is worth it.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Petitgrain, Neroli, Black Pepper
  • Mid Notes: Lavender Black Pepper Cardamom Sage Juniper Berries
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Oakmoss, Iris, Oud, Leather


Dunhill Icon Absolute is a mixture of leathery, warm woody scents that fit best for a gentleman who is certain about himself and wants to express it outside. This sensual, yet discreet fragrance was released in 2015.

The opening of Dunhill Icon Absolute is bold, with notes of black pepper and bergamot. Soft black rose and earthly saffron are sweetened by jasmine. The base is revealed and sensual itself quite swiftly. The fresh leaf of tobacco and Oud delight the senses, and Tuscan leather comes to the front to create a dark, overall creates an intense and powerful mood

Icon Absolute Eau de Parfum
Icon Absolute Eau de Parfum

he perfect time to wear this is winter/autumn, as it offers leather/woody notes with a touch of fresh tobacco leaf. Giving a refined and luxurious feeling, worth for the wearer to dress up for. Suitable for formal interaction where users don’t want to fill the room with their scent, yet still offers a deluxe smell for close interactions.

Unfortunately, the longevity of this perfume is not equivalent to the other Dunhill perfume in the collection, so wearers have to keep reapplying after a few hours. Projection and sillage are moderately better than the skin scent. With that being said, the cologne is an easy choice and fits perfectly for an up-close personal interaction.

Overall, Dunhill Icon Absolute is a sophisticated and suave men’s cologne that lays best for cold and cool seasons, winter/autumn. The only small problem that users have to be aware of is that the longevity performance is quite low and multiple reapplying is required.

  • Top Notes: Black Pepper, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Saffron, Jasmine, Black Rose
  • Base Notes:>Oud, Tobacco Leaf, Leather


Dunhill Moroccan Amber was released in 2019, which is part of the Signature Collection, known for its luxurious and aromatic scent. This Oriental Spicy fragrance is beautiful and warm spiced for a luxurious, deep feel.

Opens with a variety of senses; coriander, black pepper, cardamom, and even ginger are all clearly present. After a few minutes, these settle to reveal a hint of hazelnut combined with a heart of saffron. I personally could not detect the burnt sugar scent of Immortelle. The dry-down reveals warming amber that becomes the main notes, together with coffee and saffron. Very sexy and confident.

Moroccan Amber Eau de Parfum
Moroccan Amber Eau de Parfum

The perfect time to wear Moroccan Amber, thecool/cold season such as winter evening or autumn is perfect. Classy and refined with a real gentleman vibe. Ideal as a date fragrance. Performance is good with the longevity of more than 5 hours with decent sillage and projection.

Overall, Dunhill Moroccan Amberis a sexy oriental fragrance that received lots of favor and compliments from both men and women. Makes an impressive date fragrance.

  • Top Notes: Coriander, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger
  • Mid Notes>Immortelle, Saffron,  Hazelnut
  • Base Notes: Coffee, Oud, Leather, Amber


Dunhill Century Eau de Parfum was released in 2018 with an aromatic spicy male fragrance that is both citrusy and woody. For having a diversity of vintage retro vibe products, Century has become a favorite firm among the public.

Century Eau de Parfumoffers the freshness of bittersweet orange and grapefruit. Bergamot was not detectable to my nose. Neroli is the star of the show in the heart, giving off its bittersweet, rich scent. Lemony olibanum makes a discreet fruit, as does spiced cardamom. Upon dry-down, a wave of earthy cypriol oil surface and deep sandalwood create an extremely refined gentleman’s fragrance.

Century Eau de Parfum
Century Eau de Parfum

As for the time to wear, Century Eau de Parfum fits with summer/spring due to the neroli and citrus combo. More of a daytime casual scent, so one to wear when dressed down. It would make a great post-exercise/gym fragrance or even a holiday scent.

he longevity is more than 4 hours with an average sillage and projection, this is very reasonable for such a woody/ citrus scent.

Overall, Dunhill Century Eau de Parfum gives out a fresh, cleanness with a woody retro vibe. Feels very 1980s classic, for that reason, it is worth being an additional perfume to anybody’s collection.

    • Top Notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot,  Mandarin Orange
    • Mid Notes: Cardamom, Neroli, Olibanum

<liBase Notes: Sandalwood, Cypriol Oil, Musk


The inspiration came from the glamour and the speed of the British engine gave birth to Dunhill Icon Racing Eau de Parfum. A public-winner mixture of manly florals, citrus, and wood scent that could almost be categorized as unisex. In fact, this perfume will grab people’s attention and carries with it a Dior Sauvage-ness.

Icon Racing opens delightfully zesty and bright. Lemon and bergamot mixed lovely with the spice come from cardamom. Mid notes of lavender and orange blossom include manly florals with a small scent of black pepper. A musky/woody aroma base gives it a classy masculine. It’s sweet and creamy once it has fully settled, possibly there is also some tonka bean lays deep among the aroma.

Icon Racing Eau de Parfum
Icon Racing Eau de Parfum

What season is a suitable time to wear it? Dunhill Icon Racingis the perfect option for summer/spring/autumn. Don’t let it put you off even though it does not contain the warmth for a winter scent, this is an impressive scent that fits for a more energetic season. The longevity performance can last for more than 6 hours and decent projection and sillage. I have seen this perfume available at fragrance discounters for extremely affordable prices.

Overall, Dunhill Icon Racing is a scent for the public to fall in love with. The mixture of citrus, elegant florals, and spices receive commendation galore. One cannot stop but to feel the elegant smells projecting out of his body.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom,  Grapefruit
  • Mid Notes: Orange Blossom, Pepper, Lavender
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Musk, Guaiac Wood


Dunhill Icon Elitegives out woody and spicy male aroma that is entirely unlike the factory ordinary wood smell. It utilizes ebony and sandalwood, the woody duo to have a good effect when combined with cardamom.

It starts off with a crisp and fresh feeling, with citrus-flavored lime, bitter orange, and fruity smell of bergamot. Spicy cardamom gradually creeps in to meet the heart of vetiver grass that is woody/smoky, black pepper, and finally, sage. Carries an Elvis Presley Wooden Heart tune, which cannot be more suitable; A wave of sandalwood and ebony add masculinity and depth. Suede is clear to be detected. Contains the three important elements; sexy, attractive, and manly

Icon Elite Eau de Parfum
Icon Elite Eau de Parfum

Icon Elite is one of the special perfumes in the collection because it fits the wearer for all seasons around the year. However, maybe it wouldn’t work that well on the hottest day, but the wood/citrus combination works just fine. Great for more formal functions and as an office fragrance.

Whilst the longevity performance is not outstanding, it’s decent longevity of 3 hours before it starts to fade and becomes a skin scent. Projection and Sillage are fair. The wearer will have more than 4 hours of longevity If they apply it on clothes, but one should keep in mind not to do it too often as it would leave stains on clothes.

Overall, Icon Elite smells deluxe, dark. Definitely, the product that one should wear to stay distinct from the crowd.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot Lime Bitter Orange Cardamom
  • Mid Notes: Vetiver Blue Sage Juniper Black Pepper
  • Base Notes: Ebony Sandalwood Suede Labdanum


Dunhill Indian Sandalwood is considered to be one of the addictive woody scents which are part of the Signature Collection that was released in 2019. Seductive, elegant, and sexy, this cologne does not grow strong initially when the wearer puts it on, preferably it’s more of a discreet mysterious undercover agent that appears unexpectedly.

Indian sandalwood opens brightly with raw carrot and citrus bergamot. The floral-smelling orris root adds a little sweetness and mossy notes give it a natural feeling. Patchouli adds a sensual and manly earthiness. This perfume is compared to the beauty of a flower, as it needs time to “bloom”, to grow on its wearer, at least 30 minutes to reveal itself fully. Ultimately, Upon the dry-down, creamy and smooth sandalwood appears to enveloped all the little notes.

Indian Sandalwood Eau de Parfum
Indian Sandalwood Eau de Parfum

So when is the perfect time that the wearer can express himself with the delightful scent? Such a natural scent fits more of evening wear for two cold and cool seasons, winter/autumn. Think black weddings, tie events, formal gatherings, and other social interactions. Would make a deluxe office aroma. The longevity performance is excellent as it lasts for more than 6 hours with moderate projection and sillage. It is certainly not a skin scent, but the smell will grab people’s attention.  

Overall, Dunhill Indian Sandalwood is a deluxe and manly aroma that can have Tom Ford Santal Blush on the lookout for its affordable price. Not overly complicated but remains a winner in the user’s heart.

  • Top Notes: Carrot, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Orris Root, Moss
  • Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cypriol Oil


Dunhill Arabian Desert is one of the traditional Dunhill scents and part of the Signature Collection that was first released in 2019. This foreign floral fragrance uses incense and amber to stunning effect to capture the majesty and mystery of the Arabian desert, beautiful and delightful, bringing a royal feeling. 

Dunhill Arabian Desert has a fresh opening of crisp bergamot entwined with musky/sweet saffron and pink pepper. A floral heart of powdery rose and sweet jasmine really captures the imagination and an excellent addition. The base of the perfume is one of the most special elements of this product, with warm and smokey incense, spicy amber adding richness and depth. This is one extremely glamorous masculine fragrance

Arabian Desert Eau de Parfum
Arabian Desert Eau de Parfum

With the spicy and warm sense that it brings to the wearer, the Arabian Desert suits perfectly for winter/autumn evenings. One to wear for an undercurrent of extravagance. The longevity performance is incredible with up to 12 hours lasting. heavy sillage and projection—excellent value even at list price.

Overall, Dunhill Arabian Desert is a smokey, hypnotic yet slightly floral attention-grabbing fragrance the oozes luxury. Highly recommended for a dressed-up occasion.

  • Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Saffron, Bergamot
  • Mid Notes: Jasmine, Rose
  • Base Notes: Amber, Incense, Agarwood, Oud


Dunhill British Leather, one of the traditional Dunhill fragrances and also a part of the Signature Collection, which was released in 2019. This spicy natural perfume is appealingly warm, incredible, and addictive. Perhaps it is among the best Dunhill perfumes available till now.

The opening is a zesty citrus blend in with crisp juniper and spicy cardamom. The heart contains a flowery sense, with orange blossom and sweet lavender providing a light and sensitive feeling. These natural notes are stabilized with the earthy and spicy pepper, the bitterness of mate. A wonderful base of intoxicating patchouli and expensive leather soon become the main event of the stage

British Leather Eau de Parfum
British Leather Eau de Parfum

Although numerous reviews propose this is a winter/autumn scent, many wearers would agree that this fragrance also fits with the energy of summer/spring but leans more towards evening wear on warmer days. The longevity performance is brilliant up to 8+ hours, sillage and projection are spectacular and near perfect. 

Overall, Dunhill British Leather is undeniably one of the best leather scents available in the market. Any users who wish to try out a deluxe leather scent in the market should definitely seek this product as it has all the promising effectiveness. Can be purchased for an affordable price in the perfume market.

  • Top Notes: Bergamot,  Juniper, Cardamom, Hazelnut, Lemon
  • Mid Notes: Lavender, Orange Blossom, Violet Leaf, Pepper, Mate
  • Base Notes: Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cypress, Leather


The new, fresh ideas installed since 2018 by Mark Weston, who is the new director in the creative department, has sparked the rebirth of a classic brand. The Dunhill perfume range has completely been transformed with an entire makeover. Transitioning from the fresh woody/citrusy Century Eau de Parfum to a luxurious leather originating from England, the best Dunhill cologne for all men to have for any occasion. 

Through the Top 10 Best Dunhill Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021, the collected products show us that the brand continues on to progress, developing modern manliness scent with a fine quality to compete and climb to the top with renowned “kings” in the industry, Creed and Tom Ford


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