Top 10 Best Gucci Colognes & Perfumesfor Men Reviews


The Gucci name and brand became well-known in the fashion industry because of their equestrian-themed custom handmade leather goods which began in 1921. When founder and designer Guccio Gucci started the company back in the day, his mere focus was making leather bags and other goods to sell in the market. Gucci has been among the top brands producing some exotic fragrances for both men and women. But their collection of Gucci colognes for men is really out of this world.

Wearing a good cologne makes a man feel more confident and masculine; and leaves an elegant impression of his on others. A good cologne is the second most important thing that you notice in a man after his dressing sense. Even at times, that wonderful smell of his cologne, that has just hit your sensations, might get you carried away before even looking at him!

Gucci has such collection that you won’t be able to resist. If you get a closer look at their collection, you will find perfumes for all moods with the luxury of Gucci. Let’s take a look at the top ten Gucci perfumes:

1. Gucci Guilty Black Pour Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

A wonderful blend of green leaves, pink pepper, mandarin, Italian lemon, lavender, cardamom, orange flower and Neroli gives you a unique masculine feel. Topping the list of top ten Gucci colognes, this fragrance will leave you with charming sensations all day long.

2. Guilty by Gucci EDT Spray for Men

Guilty is one of the new fragrances of Gucci which came out in 2015. It is a soft scent that is very safe to the nose and it comes with moderate longevity. Among other fragrances that Gucci released, Guilty is a romantic woody aromatic perfume for men that displays a tamed and tender character on the wearer. While many say that it has a weak presence, it is safe to say that this particular fragrance is made for a lighter romantic presence that is subtle and soft but still sexy in a way. For those who would love a stronger and heavier perfume on them, Guilty by Gucci won’t simply do the trick for you. However, if you want to project a delicate and docile personality, Guilty by Gucci may be the better choice for you to go with since it is a little light and kind of laid-back

3. Gucci Guilty Intense Eau de Toilette Spray for Men

Gucci Guilty Intense is a little bit stronger than its predecessors but can still be categorized as softer and moderate by some when compared to other perfume brands. However, this citrusy aromatic fragrance is long-lasting and can still be worn in the evening. If you want a decent and strong (but not too strong) scent around you, Gucci Guilty Intense will really do the job. Like most fragrances from the Gucci house, this masculine aroma is good for a romantic mood-setting and a sexy yet gentlemanly character projection. Elegant and slightly seductive.

4. Gucci by Gucci

One of its kinds, at number five on top ten Gucci perfumes, is the fragrance with manly appeal and grace. The classic blend of woody notes of patchouli, cedarwood, amber, elemi, tobacco notes and plenty of other natural ingredients makes a man feel complete wearing it.

5. Gucci Rush

A modern man’s choice; at number seven we have a fragrance from Gucci that can take your senses to their heights. It is an exotic and sophisticated fragrance for a man who has a direct and independent approach. A woody aroma with a touch of patchouli, sandalwood, gray musk, Okoume wood and Cypress makes it irresistible.

6. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Woody Chypre Fragrance

At number ten is a fragrance with splendid blend of the top notes of bergamot, cypress and violet; heart notes of tobacco leaves and jasmine and base notes of patchouli, amber and incense – leather accord, that make this fragrance simply irresistible for men who want to carry a sophisticated and unique style.

7. Envy Cologne by Gucci

Next on the list of Gucci colognes for men is the Envy Cologne that really makes people envy with its exotic sensual aroma. With the blends of lavender, amber cedar nutmeg, ginger; it makes a man feel more confident and optimistic.

8. Gucci Sport Pour Homme

At number three on the list of top ten Gucci colognes is the fragrance that can make you stand out anywhere you go. The perfect blend of patchouli, vetyver and ambrette seeds along with mandarin and grapefruit etc makes it a wonderful choice for a man. The notes of cardamom, berries and fig make it even more of a masculine and unique choice.

9. Gucci Pour Homme Woody Spicy Fragrance

At number nine, we have a fruity sensation by Gucci; with the blend of ginger, papyrus and olibanum for the man who loves to carry a soft and sophisticated aroma.

10. Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme Travel Spray

A cool, fresh fragrance created by citrus and aromatic notes that offers a totally new experience for men. The scent captures the healthy, active aspects of the Gucci man`s lifestyle blending the juicy tartness of grapefruit with the green fruitiness of sun-drenched Corsican Fig and the rich, woody depth of patchouli, a signature Gucci ingredient.

This is another wonderful fragrance by Gucci that makes a man feel complete! At number six on the list of top ten Gucci colognes is a fragrance that has the aroma to give a man masculine and sophisticated touch. A perfect blend of jasmine, tobacco leaves, amber, cypress and violet incense makes it a perfect choice.


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