Best Zara Colognes and Perfumes for Men 2022

Are Zara Fragrances Any Good? 

Zara offers quality fragrances that smell incredibly good. The brand provides an everyday alternative to many of the high-end fragrances, at a fraction of the price. 

The best Zara fragrances for men offer fantastic smelling masculine scents that are often a cheaper alternative to many high-end brands.

Here are 10 masculine Zara fragrances to consider:

1. Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive Eau De Toilette

Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive-minPin

This oriental, warm masculine scent has enjoyed an enormous cult following since its launch in 2016.

This is arguably the best value tobacco fragrance available. Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive opens with sweet coconut smothered in rich honey.

Upon dry-down, fresh tobacco aroma mingles with the woody combo of cedar and sandalwood to produce a classy masculine scent. So Fantastic. At 5+ hours of longevity, this is a long-lasting perfume (especially for the price) with a moderate sillage.

As for when to wear, the underlying warmth of this perfume makes it a classy evening scent for the colder winter and autumn months.

The packaging for this fragrance is relatively consisting, unfussy of a brown, glass bottle with minimalist white and a black lid Zara branding. 

Tobacco Collection Rich Warm Addictive Eau de Toilette is not overly eye-catching but still looks stylish. Overall this fragrance is an excellent all-rounder that we’d recommend to anyone looking to dabble in their first men’s Zara fragrance.

Top Notes: Coconut Mid, next is Honey, The final is Tobacco, Sandalwood, Cedar

2. Ebony Wood Eau De Parfum


Ebony Wood EDP is another fragrance from the “Jo Loves” collection (a collaboration between perfume aficionado Jo Malone and Zara) launched in 2019.

This spicy/woody masculine fragrance is incredibly exotic and rich with an almost Tom Ford feel about it. The opening of Ebony Wood is bold, with the spicy/fruitiness of pink pepper and cloves.

Upon dry-down, the dark, rich, aromatic scent of ebony wood envelops the wearer. A welcome hint of sweetness also creeps in.

As for performance, Ebony Wood has lasted 5+ hours before things begin to fade and decent sillage. This is an excellent go-to fragrance that works well for night and day in any situation, either formal or casual. Slightly more suited to the winter and autumn months.

The packaging is crisp, minimalist, and clear with an air of class to it. We’re not going to say it’s a copy of the Jo Malone branding, but you can definitely see the inspiration there. This one is quite an unusual fragrance for a man as more of a creamy gourmand but works brilliantly.

It’s sophisticated, rich, and downright addictive. One of those rare confidence-boosting fragrances. Top Notes: Pink Pepper.Next: Cloves. Final: Ebony Wood

3. Vibrant Leather Eau De Parfum


This woody fragrance from Zara – this product launched in 2018 and created by Jerome Epinette – is both sophisticated and elegant.

Many have commented that it has an almost Creed Aventus vibe. Vibrant Leather EDP opens with the zing of lemon and crisp bergamot.

These soon mellow to reveal a heart of sumptuous leather and rich bamboo. Finally, the gracious earthy note of patchouli in the base adds depth.

This is an extremely attention-grabbing masculine scent. This fragrance up to 4 hours, so although it isn’t one for all-day wear, it certainly lasts long enough for other occasions.

As for when to wear, Vibrant Leather is a vibrant and cheerful daytime fragrance that is best suited for the warming summer and spring months. The box is similarly minimalist; white text with the black bottle. 

Vibrant Leather is a crowd-pleasing everyday male fragrance that’s easy to wear and it is similar to some other well-known scents. This is a fragrance to look out for if you want something a little unique.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon; Next: Bamboo Leather; Final: Patchouli

4. Zara 8.0 Eau De Toilette


Zara 8.0 is an Aromatic fragrance for men that offers comfort, freshness, and modernity.

It is said to be similar to several of the CK fragrances. Opens with unusual top notes of juicy mint, melon, and powdery violet. Clean watery notes and fragrant Lily-of-the-Valley continue the summertime vibe.

The base of deep musk, warm amber, and rich cedar add a sense of refinement. Zara 8.0 EDT has longevity with 3+ hours but lasts far longer when sprayed on clothes and moderate sillage. Just be careful of staining.

As for when to wear, with its minty/fruity nature, this is more of a spring and summer scent when you want to smell clean and fresh. This fragrance is packaged in a round glass bottle is made from matte green glass (a nod to the melon and mint in the top notes perhaps?) with a gunmetal grey lid.

The white Zara branding is minimal, but it works well. Zara 8.0 EDT is a great fragrance to wear every day, it’s fresh and light, making it an easy choice. Summer in a bottle with a modern feel. Top Notes: Melon, Mint, Violet. Next: Watery Notes, Lily-of-the-Valley. Final: Amber, Musk, Cedar

5. Zara 9.0 Eau De Toilette


Zara 9.0 is another Oriental fragrance from the Spanish retailer that’s spicy and woody.

It’s warm, modern. This fragrance has a fresh opening of crisp juniper, bergamot, and coriander.

Soon, a spicy heart of cardamom and pepper move in and are soon joined with floral notes of iris.

The dry-down is incredible and well worth the wait for the warm mix of vetiver, amber, and deep cedar.

It’s a long-lasting more 6 hours with decent sillage that’s perfectly suited for everyday wear when you don’t want your scent too much of a punch.

It’s a compliment for generating winter/autumn fragrance, thanks to the fantastic trio of the iris, cardamom, amber. This is a little less minimalist than some of the other Zara fragrances when it comes to packaging.

It’s in a matte glass and red ombre bottle with understated Zara branding and a gunmetal grey lid.

Overall, Zara 9.0 EDT is a sophisticated masculine fragrance that’s easy to wear and smells far more expensive than it.

6. Man Gold Eau De Toilette


Man Gold EDT is a woody, sexy aromatic fragrance said by many to offer a muted version of Paco Rabanne Black XS.

The opening is bright with citrusy/crisp lemon, which soon melts into middle notes of spiced and praline cinnamon.

The sensual base of patchouli and black cardamon is well worth the wait, as they add a bit of bite to proceedings.

As for when to wear, Man Gold is a great all-rounder, perhaps leaning slightly more towards evening wear and the autumn and winter months.

It has 3+ hours of longevity, which can be increased by spraying on clothing and moderate sillage.

The modern – contemporary bottle is minimalist but still eye-catching and features blue glass with gold and black accents.

Overall, Man Gold EDT is a crowd-pleasing modern fragrance that blends some slightly unusual scents together to create something intense and intoxicating. Outstanding value.

Top Notes: Lemon. Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Praline.

Base Notes:  Patchouli, Black Cardamom.

7. Zara Night Pour Homme Iii Eau De Parfum


Zara Night Pour Homme III is a nocturnal Oriental and elegant fragrance for men that was first launched in 2017.

It has spicy top notes of cardamom and bergamot, closely following with powdery iris for an almost like Dior aroma.

The base notes upon dry-down are warming amber and fresh smelling cedar.

After Zara changed their fragrance manufacturer, there’s some discussion about a formulation change around 2019, but this remains a firm favorite.

As the name suggests, this is a night-time fragrance. It works better during the chillier months of winter and autumn on account of its underlying warmth.

It has a longevity of 5+ and moderate sillage, so it is relatively easy to wear.

The bottle of Zara Night Pour Homme III EDP combines tan ombre with glossy black glass and silver/black branding. It’s unfussy but still looks great.

A comfortable choice for formal events or effortless evenings, it’s masculine, classy, and well worth checking out.

Top Notes: Cardamom, Bergamot.

Mid Notes: Lavender. Base Notes: Amber, Cedar.

8. Warm Black Eau De Toilette


As the name suggests, Warm Black is a warm and intense fragrance by Zara. It’s an Oriental Spicy fragrance that’s brand new for 2020.

Said by some to be a combination of Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb and Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille, this is an extremely popular Zara fragrance.

The warmth in this scent comes from base notes on dry down of tonka bean, cut with middle notes of vanilla and its top notes of ginger.

The sweetness and warmth of the fragrance combine into a heady fragrance blend. Warm Black EDT has high longevity is 6 hours or more with decent sillage, so it’s a great performer.

The warmth in the fragrance feels autumnal, and though it probably works for either night or day, it probably just skews slightly more towards the evening.

The bottle and packaging reflect the name of this fragrance – it’s glossy black glass that fades to an orange ombre. It’s not over the top but looks really attractive.

This fragrance is already getting rave reviews for its sillage/longevity and warmth, so grab a bargain. Top Notes: Ginger Mid Notes: Vanilla Base Notes: Tonka Bean

9. Vetiver Pamplemousse Eau De Parfum


Vetiver Pamplemousse is a unisex fragrance that’s light, airy, and wonderfully fresh. Part of the Jo Loves collection, created by fragrance legend Jo Malone.

The opening notes of Vetiver Pamplemousse are fresh and citrusy, mandarin orange, featuring grapefruit with touches of smokey, earthy vetiver.

The bright citrus notes in this fragrance create a sparkling and demand attention and uplifting vibe that puts a smile on your face.

This fragrance works really well in summer and spring. It’s definitely more suited to daytime wear because of the freshness and citrus notes in the fragrance overall.

Its 3-4 hours of longevity and moderate sillage make it an excellent daily scent. The packaging is just as clean and crisp as the fragrance within.

It’s typically minimalist (a clear bottle with silver and black accents) but looks sleek and classy rather than boring. 

Vetiver Pamplemousse EDP smells incredibly fruity and naturally fresh. Perfect for when you need a fresh-smelling, uplifting fragrance. Fantastic.

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Next: Mandarin Orange, Final: Vetiver

10. Zara for Him Eau De Toilette


A warm, intense and modern fragrance that’s described as “Asian-inspired”, this version of Zara for Him was launched in 2018.

It has a glorious combination of spice and warmth that many say is similar to the Armani Code collection of fragrances.

The opening is fresh, with a wave of crisp bergamot coated with spicy warm cardamom.

After the dry aroma, a sensual base of deep sandalwood adds a touch of intrigue. Zara for Him has lasted a decent 4+ hours and a reasonable sillage.

Considering the price/performance, this is a great value fragrance. As for when to wear, Zara for Him EDT is one for well worth getting dresses up for and suitable in the evening.

Leans more towards winter/autumn. Now on to the packaging. it’s not exactly YSL, but not far off.

This is probably the most creative packaging we’ve seen on a Zara fragrance.

It features heavy glass, transparent cutouts, and embossing spelling out the name of the scent. It looks very masculine, but also not very “Zara”.

We love it! A comfortable and warm fragrance, it’s an excellent choice for everyday wear – particularly for the price point it sits at.

Top Notes: Bergamot

Mid Notes: Cardamom Base Notes: Sandalwood

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