Best Jimmy Choo Colognes and Perfumes for Men 2022

Jimmy Choo is a brand famous for its luxury high-fashion accessories and shoes, but did you know that this brand also designs some of the most amazing colognes for men out there? Today we are going to discuss the top 5 Best Jimmy Choo Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021 which has been creating the right kind of noise with their seductive aroma.


Created in 2014 and was the first male fragrance created by Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette is blended by Anne Flipo. Despite this, it surprisingly sweet at first application and is far from a traditional cologne; this comes from the prominent melon and pineapple notes.

Under all that fruity sweetness, there is the spice of the herbal freshness of lavender and pepper. Spicy, sweet, and musky by turns this is an almost sexuality cologne that defies traditional standards for male fragrances. With a pleasing sillage, soft, and moderate staying power, it blooms rather than fades over time. Jimmy Choo Man Eau de Toilette can be worn at any time but really comes to life in the summer months.

The face of Jimmy Choo Man is Kit Harrington, and like every person chosen to represent their fragrances, he is the perfect man for this job. Kit’s sensual, cool style and ‘soft’ masculinity mirror this cologne well. The understated grey color palette and The clean-cut lines of the bottle, too, are reminiscent of his elegant style.

Top Notes:

Honeydew Melon, Pineapple

Mid Notes:

Pink Pepper, Lavender

Base Notes:

Suede, Patchouli


Jimmy Choo Man Ice Eau de Toilette is a woody aromatic cologne that is enhanced with fresh citrus. it is blended by Michel Almairac. In fact, sharp is the word which describes when discussing this perfume; the first whiff of scent almost makes the citron, nose tingle, and bergamot come in a wave with ambroxan in the undertow.

Following this, the cologne mellows to reveal woody notes of cedar and vetiver, as well as a musky hint of patchouli and crisp apple. Moss and musk add a sense of class. Its staying power is relatively weak and the sillage is sharp but fades quickly. So, wear it on summer days when it can bloom in the heat, and let’s prepared to reapply.

The bottle could be accused of being aggressively plain if not white leather topper, for the textured, and metallic accents which give Jimmy Choo Man Ice Eau de Toilette an air of chic elegance. This bottle won’t turn heads, and in truth, neither will the scent. This is a safe choice for those who like to twist their gender norms just a little.

Top Notes:

Mandarin Orange, Citron, Bergamot.

Mid Notes:

Patchouli, Vetiver, Apple, Cedar.

Base Notes:

Moss, Musk, Ambroxan.


Created in 2019, Urban Hero Eau de Parfum is one of the more traditional Jimmy Choo fragrances for men. it is classically masculine. Making use of spicy and woody notes, as well as hints of leather. But this isn’t your dad’s aftershave, you won’t find yourself thinking of Brut when you spray it.

Sweet and animalic notes, amberish undertones make this warm rather than medicinal, and a little citric hint gives it sparkle. The result is clean and invigorating; this is a perfect cologne for day-to-day wear as it keeps you energized and will lift your spirits.

With moderate staying power and a heavy sillage, you can rely on this as a workday cologne. Still, you should consider spray it to clothes for all-day coverage.

The face of Urban Hero is street artist Jules Dedet (which really could not be more fitting). This may explain why it diverges from the clean, simple presentation which Jimmy Choo’s male fragrance line tends to favor. The contrasting chrome and glass bottle with its chevron textured lid retains a classic shape but is absolutely eye-catching.

Top Notes:

Finger Line, Black Pepper

Mid Notes:

Vetiver, Palisander Rosewood

Base Notes:

Ambergris, Leather,


Jimmy Choo Man Intense Eau de Toilette lives up to its name well and Launched in 2016. Extremely aromatic, although it mixes a host of potent notes which blend effortlessly rather than fighting for proving it

With that said, the delicate sweetness of honeydew melon can cut through the intensity to interfere this cologne from being overwhelming at first application. Once dry down, it blooms into a powerful and complex fragrance that has the spice of the smoky edge of patchouli, pepper, and the herbal sharpness of lavender.

With all this in mind, it’s no surprise that the sillage is truly enormous, thankfully its longevity is also vast. You’re unlikely to need reapplication unless you’re really breaking a sweat a lot at work. This is a cold perfume or at least fresh weather; it can become overpowering in the heat of summer.

Marlon Teixeira is the face of Jimmy Choo Man Intense Eau de Toilette, and indeed the line as a whole these days. The unpretentious, textured leather topper is undeniably cool-looking and translucent black glass with its dull metal accents. Of course, it’s also very understated, so it probably won’t be the star of your dressing table.

Top Notes:

Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Honeydew Melon,

Mid Notes:

Pepper, Artemesia, Geranium

Base Notes:

Patchouli, Labdanum,Tonka Bean


Jimmy Choo Man Blue Eau de Toilette was created in 2018. It is the youngest sibling in the iconic ‘Jimmy Choo Man’ collection. Blended by Nathalie Lorson, this is a well-balanced perfume that mixes traditionally feminine ones like pineapple and lavender with traditional masculine notes like leather.

Aromatic and woody at first scent, this fragrance has prominent notes of cypress, clary sage, and sandalwood. The result is that it smells fresh yet smoky, to begin with, but when this fades more delicate notes like apple, pineapple, and lavender really shine through.

Invigorating and Incredibly, this is an overwhelmingly fresh cologne with feminine flairs. The sillage may be moderate but this a very durable perfume that evolves as it fades. Perfect for autumnal nights and days, it has a musky base that is incredibly sensual.

Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira was representive of Jimmy Choo Man Blue Eau de Toilette. When you consider his elegantly ruffled aesthetic, that of an urban nomad, it’s easy to see why. The ombre of blue that makes up this bottle gives it a classic, classy look that is complemented well by chrome accents.

Top Notes:

Pepper, Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot

Mid Notes:

Ambergris, Cypress, Pineapple, Apple, Leather

Base Notes:

Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver,

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