Top 5 Best Perfumes Celebrities Wear in 2021

Margot Robbie and Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria
Margot Robbie and Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

Celebrities are the greatest influence on us all. By admiring their lifestyle, we adopt their choices in fashionable clothes, deluxe jewelry, and Best Perfumes, then applying it to our own style preference. When we idolize a famous person, the biggest thought that wanders in our heads is ‘what products do they use?’. In the ‘Best Perfumes Celebrities Wear in 2021‘ article, we have collected the top products that many renowned celebrities chose as their favorite fragrances, let’s take a look at their selection.

1. Singer Rihanna loves to wear Don’t Be Shy by Kilian Perfumes

'Love Don't Be Shy' and Rihanna

A famous Hollywood icon, the queen singer Rihanna is one of the hottest trending faces of the music industry, with a huge fan base of millions of people. Besides musical, she also has a taste for the world of perfume, and that her followers have always been curious about which fragrances does she wear in her daily life. In one of her social media posts, she shared her love for ‘Don’t Be Shy‘ by Kilian and that it is her number one recommendation.

Love, Don’t Be Shy Extreme‘ is a perfume product from the Kilian brand for women, which was first launched in 2021. The product is classified as a floral fruity fragrance. The scent opens to show a young, pretty girl in a pure white dress yet can show a seductive and sophisticated charm.

'Love Don’t Be Shy' by Kilian
‘Love Don’t Be Shy’ by Kilian

Kilian‘s design is a mixture of a white gown image and elegance. Love, Don’t Be Shy perfume bottle contains the contrast of warm white glass and striking cold gold details filled with lemongrass. An angular and sophisticated design, with a very artistic design tone. Whoever you are, you will easily be conquered by Kilian‘s excellent appearance in any perfume bottle.

It is considered as an “adult” sweetness, Love by Kilian Don’t Be Shy Extreme offers an enchanting fragrance. This is the most welcome gift from perfume connoisseurs. Marshmallow, vanilla, and orange blossom combine to create a wonderful scent, leading you to the craving to “take a bite”.

It offers a sweet and light taste at the beginning, mixed with bergamot and neroli, and finally warmed by caramel and vanilla notes. The fragrance has a nostalgic taste, following a more youthful scent, springtime, bringing a gentle sensuality as the perfume gradually warms up on the wearer’s skin. Rose, jasmine, and other sweet notes blend harmoniously. Successfully captures the sweet transition from innocence to sophistication, but never beyond being overly sexy. Love, Don’t Be Shy represents perfectly Rihanna’s style and personality.

2. Margot Robbie and Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

Margot Robbie and Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria 
Margot Robbie and Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

The famous actress from Australia, a producer, Margot Robbie is a loyal customer of the Calvin Klein brand. She shared that she’s in love with the deep smell of musky, black, and Cascone euphoria and that every woman should own that empowering smell. She was a part of the fragrance promotion campaign and became the representing face of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria.

As a woman, one will probably be curious, “What is my own sexy side?”. If it is the charm from the outside, it is not difficult to notice, yet do they realize that deep in the personality and the soul of each woman, there is a special charm and that is unique, distinct from each other.

To discover that hidden beauty, two renowned perfumers Honorine Blanc and Ann Gottlieb collaborated to create a special scent capable of evoking that mysterious beauty. The final result of both is the Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria fragrance.

Perhaps the name Euphoria (meaning pleasure) really suits the message and idea for this scent, so it has been kept along with the familiar design with soft, flexible lines evoking alluring scents of the past, inherent sexy curves of a woman. Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria has a deep velvet purple color, living up to its name. Reflecting the sensual and the hidden strength of women instead of sentimental.

Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria
Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria

The experience of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria offers a sweet taste of roses, the sweet smell is mixed in a very harmonious way, revealing a mature and deluxe smell of a woman who has been through thick and thin in life. Not overpowering in scent with to the soft support of peony, jasmine, and geranium.

After that prelude is the complete domination of the rose scent that lasts until the last layer of notes, gradually appears with the presence of patchouli, musk, and woody notes, giving it a warm and cozy ending. With the perfect combination of notes, the longevity performance of Euphoria can last wonderfully up to 6-7 hours.

Overall, Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria is an easy choice, especially for girls who love rose scents, they will be get addicted to this fragrance. Best fits for night parties and dates, certainly leave an impression because of your taste in choosing scents. Subtle and feminine, sexy without being too provocative.

3. Angelina Jolie loves Rose Goldea Bvlgari Eau De Parfum

Angelina Jolie and Rose Goldea Bvlgari

A star of Holywood’s movies, famous actress, Angelina Jolie has the biggest love for Bvlgari scents. She shared that she never attends any occasions without wearing Bvlgari fragrances and that she actually owns various lines of products from the brand.

To complete a women’s look, perfume is the perfect element that accompanied your outfit and jewelry. Rose Goldea perfume from the Bvlgari carries a gentle scent. The delicate, deep fragrance is distilled by the floral scent group of musk wood. Bringing lightness, femininity yet extremely attractive for the women to experience.

The product is inspired by the reverence of gold and the femininity of the golden goddess and the beauty of the sun. Rose Goldea carries a delicate, deep fragrance that gently wraps around the wearer’s body. Offering her a feminine scent, modern, and extremely attractive.

Bvlgari Rose Goldea lives up to its name, offering the wearers a strong rose scent. The perfume bottle opens the fragrance with the cool, gentleness of bergamot mixed with red pomegranate. Graceful rose aroma blends in a seductive musk scent. Sweetheart notes enthralled in danish rose petals and white jasmine combined with the gentle fruity peach and elegant peony scent. Culminated in a classic, deep woody note sum up the whole feminine, soft fragrance chain.

Rose Goldea Bvlgari
Rose Goldea Bvlgari

Bvlgari‘s women’s fragrance designs certainly do not disappoint its fans. Dressed in feminine pink, with soft, flexible lines. Revealing the essence of clear perfume, which makes the product even more luxurious in appearance. The bottleneck is also embellished with delicate necklace details. In the perfume world, there are countless products with different designs and scents… But Rose Goldea will be a great choice for women who love femininity and romance.

To increase attractiveness and impress one’s surroundings, the scent retention is also a factor. With a high concentration of Eau De Parfum (EDP) with a high flow of essential oils, the fragrance can stay on the wearer’s skin for 4 to 6 hours. A gentle fragrance wafts out close. Put the people around in comfortable and feeling at ease. Bvlgari Rose Goldea perfume is suitable for use in the cool weather days of spring and warm autumn weather.


4. Katherine Ann Moss’s love for Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Katherine Ann Moss and Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

Besides the singers and actresses, businesswomen, and an English Supermodel, Katherine Ann Moss is one of the biggest fans of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. It accompanied her in her daily life and working space, boosting confidence and help her speaks the hidden characteristics.

In the fall of 2009, perfume company Yves Saint Laurent launched Opium, belonging to the group of pungent-oriental scents, which is an improved version from Opium of 1977. Opium was created by two perfumers Amic and Jean-Louis Sieuzac. The main flavors to create this version of Opium include bergamot, mandarin orange, jasmine, and myrrh.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent
Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

The first layer of Opium‘s notes includes a flavor of Mandarin orange and lily, bringing a sour and sweet feeling to the user. The middle notes are a combination of myrrh, jasmine, and carnation creating a passionate, irresistible scent. The final layer of notes is a delicate blend of aromas, amber, vanilla, and aromas that bring warm woody notes to the perfume combination. The gentle and balanced combination from the first notes to the last layer creates a seductive and attractive style that men can’t take their eyes off.

The Opium 2009 was designed by two art directors of Yves Saint Lauren, Fabien Baron, and Stefano Pilati. The perfume bottle is designed with a nozzle combined with a handle to bring a sense of luxury mixed with a bit of mystery and modernity. Opium carries an alluring scent that can be considered an addictive substance. Opium 2009 by Yves Saint Laurent is a gateway to a mysterious, extraordinary world full of inspiration and emotion.

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5. Emma Roberts And Dior’s Pure Poison

Emma Roberts and Dior’s Pure Poison

One of the prettiest singers and Hollywood actresses, just like her perfect selection in roles, Emma Robert’s preference in perfume is equally distinct. She shares a huge love for Dior’s Pure Poison and highly recommended it, the perfumed delivered by Dior is a ridiculous combination of warm woody notes white floral scent and purely perfect for women’s choice.

Before, Christian Dior is already a big “empire” in the world fashion and beauty industry. Each product of the brand is meticulously elaborated, how to reach customers most profoundly. As one of the company’s high-end products, Dior women’s perfume has become the desire of millions of followers around the world. From sweet, feminine fragrance to bold charm or strong personality, all have a very unique character. And Dior Pure Poison Eau De Parfum is a clear example of this deluxe line.

Dior’s Pure Poison
Dior’s Pure Poison

Dior Pure Poison‘s top notes are quite refreshing, pure by the citrus flavor. Sicilian orange, mandarin orange, Bergamot with the addition of sweet jasmine essence are an impressive welcome to the yard. Immediately following, the romantic melody deepens with heart notes. Orange flowers, gardenia are gentle but outstanding. The base notes bring an enchanting scent of essential oils of sandalwood, cedar, dry and delicate white musk. A warmth and softness balance all the aftertaste, creating an overall captivating aroma.

Dior Pure Poison Eau De Parfum contains a high concentration of essential oils, typical of EDP concentration. That’s why she can store incense from 7 to 12 hours and emits fragrance within a radius of 2 meters. An outstanding feature ensures that the fragrance stays enticing all day long.

Besides the scent and longevity performance, the design is an important detail in the beauty of Dior Pure Poison EDP perfume. It is a loving, gentle but yet luxurious aroma. The pure and elegant are revealed clearly by the opaque white tone mixed with a faint purple light that brings wonderful attractiveness. The design is filled with delicate and aristocratic, fits perfect for the royal ladies.

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