Best Dior Colognes & Perfumes for Men 2022

Christian Dior is an iconic fashion and Perfume brand that has been going strong from way back in the 20th century.

Now it is time to present a top offering from the Dior perfume list for men as well. Dior fragrances are usually very seductive, complex, elegant, and masculine.

Quite frankly, I consider it to be among the top of my favorite designer lists.

For this list, I have selected 7 scents for guys which all offer something different for the different personalities.

What are the Top 7 Best Dior Colognes & Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2022?

Best Dior Colognes & Perfumes for MenPin

1. A Crowd Pleaser – Dior Homme Intense

A Crowd Pleaser – Dior Homme IntensePin

I love the opening of this fragrance, it made me strongly consider buying this one instead of Dior Homme and it is utterly amazing. However, I really like the longer dry down period of that one versus Dior homme Intense. Nonetheless, I have grabbed samples of Dior Homme Intense and used it in conjunction with the original. It’s like a more floral and cacao heavy fragrance when combined, quite nice.

When I use it, I like to use one spray of this with two sprays of Dior Homme. That’s a pretty good balance on my skin, and I will get the wonderful opening impressive

It starts off with cedar and vetiver, which is paired with that famous Dior Homme iris note. It has a powdered chocolate-like scent at times, with the cacao. It does have intensity, but the aroma really isn’t a complete bomb. Strong? Yes, but with the proper amount of restraint. Dior homme Intense has already become a classic flanker, in its own right, since being released.

2. Dior Homme Sport

2. Dior Homme SportPin

A moderate yet bright offering from Christian Dior. Dior Homme Sport is energetic and versatile. It delivers a clean and fresh scent that is good for any season but shines in the summer. It has a complex profile of notes including: sandalwood, ginger,  lavender, citrus, bergamot, and cedar among others.

Dior has reformulated Dior Homme Sport and the 2012 version of that is no longer the one at the store. It has been changed as of 2017, this newer version that ginger is absent and has more citrus. It’s still a very good summertime option, but I preferred the ginger-laden 2012 version. That one balance was awesome.

3. Most Unique Dior Cologne – Dune

3. Most Unique Dior Cologne – DunePin

An underrated perfume, Dune has a woodsy and oriental profile. It is sexy, fresh, and earthy with notes of mandarin, sage, moss, basil, and cedarwood. Masculine and Airy sandalwood and fig leaf, lead the way for this late 1990s release.

Can be quite green and herbal at times with the basil and sage mix, but never heavy. A unique find that is very different from most of what you’ll find on the market. It works insanely well in the summer and spring months, but not like the usual aquatic fare. It’s getting harder to come by,  but Dune Pour Homme is still absolutely brilliant, if you happen to fall in love it

4. 1980s Powerhouse –  Fahrenheit

4. 1980s Powerhouse –  FahrenheitPin

This aroma is one that most people will either hate or love. It can be too intense for someone to handle but for the right guy, this becomes a signature scent. Honeysuckle and Violet open Fahrenheit and give off what has been described for decades now, it like a gasoline-like aroma.

I’d say it’s pretty certain my testing of this one.  It can settle down to have an emergent leather accord with the violet, which is much more pleasant than how many will find that petrol start.

People who tried this in the 1980s say it’s not nearly as strong as it once was, but it still makes strongly the impression. Reformulations happen with older scents, this one hasn’t been completely diminished, though. Notes include: balsam, honeysuckle, and sandalwood.

5. Dior Sauvage – Eau De Toilette

5. Dior Sauvage – Eau De ToilettePin

Dior Sauvage has been launched since 2015 but has been considered a classic perfume bottle of the 20 century to the point that it is too popular. Many people even compare it to Bleu de Chanel, but the results are difficult to determine.

Dior Sauvage EDT men’s perfumes are a product of careful refinement and creativity. Sauvage fragrance is somewhat fresh, rustic, like a pure water bathe the soul. You can easily see this concept from photos of the product from the background of the dry desert.

The scent of Dior Sauvage EDT (Eau De Toilette) has a strong, and masculine scent to the point of “murderous”. First, you will feel the freshness of Bergamot, then the romance of lavender, the warmth of black pepper, and finally the charm of the warm woody scent. I believe guys who like Dior Sauvage will be smart, witty, polite persons who own all stories.

6. My Personal Go to – Dior Homme

dior hommePin

Light, elegant, fresh, and classy. Dior Homme is a modern but classic scent that I wear on most days and I’m not testing others for reviews about it. Dior Homme is light with floral notes like iris, on top of a woodsy base. Then, there is the raw cacao and sweet ingredient, which is lovely.

When it dries down, that’s when this one really shines for someone who wears it. The leather note and how it interacts with the soothing lavender and powdery iris. It can have a makeup bag-like aroma, at times, which some folks don’t like it. For men, it’s not like that but for a short time, and never feels feminine. Iris can hit your nose, it really differently, on key occasions.

I absolutely love this stuff, in the first time I tried a sample, I bought the biggest bottle that they had at that time. It is quite fresh và dry with an awesome balance between the floral and wood notes. Semi-sweet, with a classy vibe, that gets me plenty of compliments and is also very versatile.

Mainly, the difference is the lack of cacao và iris. That can be a bad or good thing depending on who you are. It really is a completely different fragrance.

7. the Best Sauvage Fragrance –  Sauvage Eau De Parfum

7. the Best Sauvage Fragrance –  Sauvage Eau De ParfumPin

Dior released the EDP (Eau De Parfum) version of Sauvage and changed up the composition. Everything that I disliked, all went away. It really perfect. Not only that, they improved upon the performance and what worked well in the original release. The result? A better performer, that is sexy and gets compliments.

The citric harshness is gone and the ambroxan led opening is smoother. It feels more clean, refined, and more pleasant to wear. It is joined by a much quieter lavender and a dark and somewhat smoky vanilla note, which add to the clean creaminess of Sauvage EDP.

The Sichuan pepper is also toned down and joined by lighter spices like nutmeg and anise. Has really great versatility and works well in climate conditions and different weather. I really dig this variant versus the original EDT (Eau De Toilette). It’s also still better than the recent, Parfum version, which is second in terms of Sauvage releases.


Above are the Top 7 Dior men’s most favorite fragrances of 2022.

Every scent has its own nuances, from cheerful, passionate to sweet, then intense and passionate.

Perfume does not only make us more confident and happy. I really think Dior perfume is a great gift that you can reward yourself, or buy for your loved one.

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