Best Polo Colognes & Perfumes for Men

If you are looking for a masculine fragrance of the Polo fragrance line, immediately refer to the following article by Fado to quickly find the best answer through the Top 7 Best Polo Colognes & Perfumes for Men Reviews.

Polo is a line of perfumes from the famous Ralph Lauren brand originating from the US which is loved by many followers around the world.

As a subtle resonance of heaven and earth, specially blended in the most delicate blending recipes to create a lingering, seductive scent that is unforgettable.

Polo perfume bottles for men carry a strong style and spread a positive and strong lifestyle like the symbol of a horse and a rider.

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Polo Red is launched in 2013 by barista Olivier Gillotin, it wields a secret weapon representing the aroma of pungent wood, awakening brilliant dances and flourishing with strong notes as sinking the sense of smell of the opposite person.

Inspired by the beautiful car collection of Ralph Lauren, Polo Red claims outstanding miraculous, speed performance like the unique flavors that we can discover in this perfume bottle.

The opening note features a combination of Italian yellow lemon, grapefruit, and cranberry, for a distinctively sour and fresh taste from fresh fruit. The middle notes of Ralph Lauren Polo Red are more balanced when blending saffron for a soft, sweet taste with a cool sage flavor like mint. This crossbreeding helps to keep the fresh notes from the top while increasing the sweetness of the main fragrance layer. Finally, we see a combination of the signature deep amber and wood notes with a strong coffee aroma and characteristic roasted aroma like cocoa.

We can see how cool the top scent is, in the end, Polo Red can bring out the pungent aroma of wood for the passionate and passionate men right at luxury events and parties with friends. The perfume is seductive, strong, masculine, and modern with a relatively good scent of up to 6 hours.



Mysterious, magical, and provocative are the words that best describe the Polo Black perfume bottle from scent to design, all of which are perfect. Born under the talented hands of bartender Pierre Negrin, Polo Black officially launched in 2005 and became an expensive name for men looking for a mysterious and attractive masculine scent.

Polo Black opens up a new concept of lifestyle like its own design, with magical and mysterious black tones. Besides, rounded lines and a shiny silver cap that gives an irresistible charm to anyone

Not as pungent as the Polo Red perfume bottle, Polo Black possesses a modern and mild aroma of aromatic wood for young, masculine, and strong men. The perfumes are suitable for autumn, spring, and winter events or luxury events, sometimes it is also highly recommended used in an office environment because of its relatively good scent of up to 6 hours

Polo Black features a combination of characteristic oriental sweet tonka bean, sandalwood, patchouli, sage, mango, tangerine, lemon, and wormwood. All are mixed according to a meticulous and scientific formula to push the scent to maturity, reaching the most perfection.



Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense is recently launched in the Best Polo Cologne For Men Collection that was authoritatively propelled in 2015.

At the time when it initially came out, numerous purchasers cherished the strengthened aroma of Red Polo, an aroma that conveyed new espresso and cranberry notes for the initial 4-7 hours that it’s ragged.

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense Eau de Parfum is an unquestionable requirement have for individuals searching for a perfume with a more obscure aroma profile than some different colognes may offer. It gives you a durable blend of wood and flavor – a fragrance that is gritty however exquisite, with a smidgen of sweetness and hot sensation in the end.

The Polo Red Intense cologne is a serious adaptation of the Polo Red Eau de Toilette with a solid zesty smell. The Top notes of the cologne are cranberry, lemon, blood grapefruit, and saffron while ginger, wise, espresso, and lavender are its center notes.



With a cool blue water tone, inspired by the freedom of strong waves of the ocean and the vast sky. The appearance of Ralph Lauren Polo Blue in 2003 was like a new wind blowing away the heat. The long summer leaves an uplifting, strong scent on the body of men.

Created by master bartender Christophe Laudamiel, this perfume bottle sends the most seductive, powerful quintessence to the energetic, manly guy.

Possessing the characteristic fresh green fern scent of the jungle, Polo Blue brings in itself a diverse and unique combination of fresh and sweet flowers and flowers mixed with a special suede flavor creating a charm too hard to resist.

The top notes blend the manic smell of cucumber, melon, and pink tangerine for an attractive and sweet flavor. Through the middle notes, we come across sage, basil, and geranium flowers, giving a refreshing, refreshing fragrance like a mint. The base note is a hybrid of musk, incense of suede, and wood to leave a sensual, soft feel on your skin.



The Polo Sport Ralph Lauren perfume was born in 1994 at the hands of the master concoction of Harry Fremont, this perfume quickly became one of the hottest names sought after by men. The design with deep navy blue tones gives a sporty and fresh feeling.

Unlike other flows, Polo Sport perfumes have a different lifestyle and value sport, physical, burning, masculine, passionate scent. Challenging the rigors of time and radiating a feeling of refreshment on the hot summer background, Polo Sport reveals a natural aroma of plants that is not too overwhelming but has a strong and distinct style.

The fragrance opens with a fresh minty flavor, combined with a sour taste extracted from neroli orange, yellow lemon, Bergamot, and pink tangerine, blending in the passionate hues of lavender, An- Dike-hit difference.

The heart notes seem more harmonious and warm when combining primrose, jasmine, rose, geranium, and special notes of warm Brazilian rosewood, spicy ginger, and gentle with seaweed. the sea neutralizes the fragrance.

The bottom notes of the abdomen are amber, sandalwood, and musk, which create a deep background for the ascendance of cedar wood for the rustic scent and Guaiac wood to create the smell of smoke and tar in the perfume.

The balance of scent is specially controlled and blended subtly to bring a variety of variations and styles for the sports-passionate boys to add personality and difference.



Recently released in 2017 by barista Olivier Gillotin, the Polo Red Extreme design features two strong contrasting red and black tones that create a distinctive accent for the entire perfume bottle. With a characteristic wooden scent, this perfume bottle is suitable for masculine, brave, and strong men who dare to break their limits and hold true freedom for themself

The aroma flow is considered that the plus for it, the Polo Red Extreme is especially suitable for the everyday office environment, or the hot summer day walks while still keeping the ecstatic and passionately unforgettable scent.



Polo Green seems like the first polo aroma. The aroma was first propelled in 1978 and perhaps it is the best fragrance in the Ralph Lauren scent assortment. The item endures the trial of time and set the establishment for the various colognes in the top Ralph Lauren scent assortment

The Eau de Toilette highlights oriental hints with notes of wood, cowhide, tobacco, basil just as oak greenery. Polo by Ralph Lauren for Men is perfect for dynamic men in the working environment just as out on the fairway. The aroma is an incredible decision for significant events, for example, conferences, social capacities, or supper dates. This is the great name and representative face of the entire Polo by Ralph Lauren assortment.

While a significant number of the colognes that followed this one have been smashed hits, every one of them owes their reality to this scent which has been around for four decades.

This is one of the ageless and ever-enduring fragrances that have stood the trial of time. The exemplary Polo Green by Ralph Lauren is the manliest aroma of all since it doesn’t contain any botanical fragrance but instead a mix of Oriental and woodsy notes.

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