Top 8 Best Givenchy Perfumes For Men Reviews In 2021


Having the best fit, quality Givenchy Perfumes For Men can be hard to find, not if you’re equipped with this, in the ‘Top 8 Best Givenchy Perfumes For Men Reviews In 2021‘, we will introduce you to one of the top choices offered by Givenchy.

Givenchy, a famous French fashion house, is known widely to be producing lines of accessories, fashion, and one of the most renowned fragrances that always fits the demands of its customers.


Givenchy Gentleman is a Woody fragrance for men. It was first launched to the public in 1974. The product of perfumer Paul Leger.

This product owns an elegant and masculine fragrance, aromatic woody aroma with top notes of strong herbs with a little spicy cinnamon in the middle, accompanied by outstanding scents of vetiver and patchouli. Finishing the scent is a sweetness of honey appearing in the base notes as if exalting the seductive and inviting musk scent.


Givenchy Gentleman was given a classic bottle design with the shape of a deluxe wine bottle. The body is made of transparent glass revealing the light yellow perfume solution inside.

The elixir granting gentleman a fresh scent and assertive appearance. It changes the concept of a man with great virtues and perfect taste. A signature scent dominated by patchouli. A unique classic that attracts and convinces even the most demanding customers. Delight your lover with the scent of Givenchy Gentleman. Using this perfume before a romantic dinner brings a sense of sophistication and intoxication.


Xeryus (name of a Greek god) red version (Rouge) is improved into a deep and sensual scent. This is the first limited oriental fragrance for Givenchy. This Xeryus cologne was launched in 1995 by the talented hand of the perfume developer Annick Menardo.

The top notes are alive with a cool and green wave of kumquat (an ethereal spicy Chinese tangerine), cactus, and wormwood, bringing a very attractive and lively taste. attract. The middle notes are the warm breath of cedar leaves, red pinmento peppers, and African geraniums, bringing intense spiciness mixed with a slight bitterness. The base notes are sexy, inviting with a noble and soft feeling when cedarwood and sandalwood appear mixed with ambergris and white musk.


The bottle of Xeryus Rouge is like the bottle of the classic Xeryus, made of red glass, with a metallic gray cap attached. This bottle is a design work by Pierre Dinand.

This perfume is attractive and dynamic with the flavor of fresh flowers, rich spices from fresh green fruits with exotic woody notes creating an energetic scent. Suitable for daytime activities, this fragrance is perfect for a man who knows how to enjoy life and its inherent celibacy.


Givenchy Pi perfume for men was launched in 1998. Givenchy Pi is classified as an oriental woody fragrance. This is a creation by designer Alberto Morillas.

Givenchy Pi perfume starts with the scent of the top notes of Basil, rosemary, tarragon, mandarin, and neroli bring freshness to this perfume mixture, although overall Pi‘s scent has a warm feeling of wood (guaiac wood) mixed with myrrh. benzoin and vanilla. The final note of the product is bitter almond that feels like gingerbread.


With a pyramid design, the bottle evokes power, mystery, and eternity. Disproportionate contours give the bottle the appearance of being corroded by time. The brass metal cap resembles an antique yet precious jewel.

Like the numeral Pi in math, Givenchy‘s Pi is indefinable, enigmatic, and has a fascination that never fades. Sophisticated and sensitive, sweet yet masculine, Pi’s fragrance exudes charm and is an integral part of your evening gown. The evening may be over, but your delicate scent memories will live on.


Insense Ultramarine perfume by Givenchy brand belongs to the men’s fragrance line with aromatic fruity scents. The perfume was launched in 1994.

In the top notes, the sweet citrus flavor of bergamot is based on the fresh watery notes of the helional compound. It is followed by the herbaceous flavors of green grass and leaves after the rain with Iranian galbanum resin, and the resin of black currant. In the middle notes, the pure passionate flavor of mint appears first, followed by other spices such as cardamom and sage adding freshness. The freshness of the based notes is achieved thanks to the notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, and vetiver root. Oakmoss brings out a strong vibration and tobacco, along with musk, creates an irresistible invitation to “cuddle” the wearer’s skin.


Insensé Ultramarine perfume has a blue color. The outer box is bright blue, surrounded by golden borders. The perfume bottle has the same shape as the original Insense version, but it is decorated with a lacquered navy blue cap, and around the neck is silver instead of gold.

Insense Ultramarine by Givenchy is a daytime fragrance for men. The water and wood scents are the perfect combination for office workers, formal meetings, or date nights. It is a pure, masculine scent of sophistication and confidence. Apply perfume to your pulse points right after your morning shower and the scent will last all day, even after you exercise in the afternoon. Insense Ultramarine will certainly enchant the one who smelled it.


Perfume Play Intense for men was launched out to the fashion market in 2008. It is considered the oriental perfume line Fougere. Givenchy Play Intense is the creative cooperation of of Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann, Francoise Donche, Lucas Sieuzac and Symrise.

The product contains various ingredients that give pride to Perfume Play Intense (Amyris wood, vetiver, coffee beans), promise to bring another definition when it comes to fragrance. It delivers a less sour and bitter feeling, the Intense version is warmer and is preferred with the presence of food flavor emerges.


The modern and contemporary fragrance Play Intense comes in the form of a trendy black MP3 player. Designed by Serge Mansau. An extremely creative and eye-catching creative work.

Givenchy‘s Play Intense is a wonderful and exciting product launched in 2008. Recommended for daytime use, Play Intense is a go-to choice for those who like to fully enjoy the pleasures of daily life. Not just its wearers, the alluring aroma certainly bring others on board to the vibrant land of music.

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Givenchy pour Homme perfume for men was introduced in 2002 and is classified as a spicy woody fragrance. The perfume was created in collaboration with Alberto Morillas from Firmenich and Ilias Ermenidis.

The top notes are fresh and gentle with melted tangerine wafting into the sour and bitter taste of grapefruit, the sharp and attractive coriander flavor, and the radiant freshness from the synthetic Hedion molecule. The strength and uniqueness of Givenchy pour Homme lay in the middle notes: fruity, pure sweet woody notes of Melaleuca leaves; dry, vetiver grass has an earthy scent. Rich, deep, and masculine cedar coupled with sensual pleasure frankincense gives the user a noble appearance.


Givenchy Pour Homme bottle design is both modern and never outdated, a little classic but unique, rustic yet not simple. Considering both convenience and ease of view, the bottle’s design can be said to be derived from the car industry. Designed to fit in a man’s hand and the curves that hug the bottom of the bottle look as powerful and seductive as a race car.

Givenchy Pour Homme is truly a masculine fragrance for men. The warmth of the scent makes the perfume a perfect fit for evening outs or a dinner party with friends, or even a formal gathering, its scent promise to leave a strong impression on the surroundings. By applying the perfume on the pulse point and you can enjoy a seductive scent all night long.

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Givenchy launches a new fragrance for men in 2013. Gentlemen Only is a modern homage to Givenchy’s classic fragrance, Gentlemen has been around since 1974. Truly a revolution between masculine fragrances with strong and intense woody notes instead of the traditional, aromatic citrus scent.

The fragrance carries in it a breakthrough nature based on the solid strength of the seductive woody scent instead of the fragrant floral and orange scent typical of men’s perfumes. Gentlemen Only is a trendy and modern revolution of traditional products. Designed for today’s elegant gentlemen, Gentlemen Only focuses on natural wood aromas that match today’s style. The fragrance begins with fresh and spicy sensations of green mandarin, pink pepper, nutmeg, and birch leaves. The middle notes carry a rich and strong feeling of cedar, patchouli, and vetiver while the base contains aromas of frankincense and other wild notes.


The perfume bottle has an identical design to the classic perfume bottle designed by Pierre Dinand with a slight variation in the neck, the cap and the corners of the bottle are rounded, and the perfume solution inside has a light blue color. Actor Simon Baker is the face of the perfume’s advertising campaign.

Appealing to the senses, this masculine fragrance follows Givenchy‘s long victories, instantly attracts the attention and favor from the public in the initial stage of its promotion. Get the recognition you deserve with Gentlemen Only, a fragrance that any man should own.

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Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label for men was first launched in 2004 and is classified as a spicy woody fragrance. Givenchy Blue Label is the work of two designers Alberto Morillas and Ilias Ermenidis.

This product is developed based on the original Givenchy pour Homme perfume. In the perfume there is a clear combination of grapefruit – vetiver – frankincense and the ultimate melaleuca, a herb with a strong scent, creating a flavor quite similar to fruit scent. In this perfume, there is a more dynamic look with the help of citrus and wormwood. The spices are can be detected easily, while the woody notes become more complete and softer


One can recognize the familiar bottle design of the traditional Givenchy pour Homme, created by Pablo Reinoso, the modern, image is inspired by the car manufacturing industry. The red color of the traditional version has been replaced by a cool metallic blue. Its container also undergoes similar transformations.

Givenchy pour Homme delivers a resonant and attractive fragrance for the sophisticated gentleman wherever he goes. Givenchy Blue Label for men possesses a masculine, sensual fruity scent that surely will grab the attention of passers. Layers of notes combine to create a fragrance that fits perfectly the demand of the modern man.

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