Best Lalique Colognes and Perfumes for Men 2022

The latest fashions French arrived in 1888 from Lalique’s hand, a company that redefined the whole fashion scene to possessing all the power representing luxury and elegance. With the top 8 Best Lalique Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021, you will have everything you are looking for in entirely slender perfumes.

As is customary in these fashion houses, Lalique Brand also chose to make its line of perfumes. These arose from the initiative to lead men towards the most ostentatious designs but always managing to be the stand out rather than just another trivial piece in a decorative room.


Who wants to be part of the past when you can stay forever in the minds of the most unprecedented people? The White Lalique is one of the most modern perfumes in the French fashion Lalique’s collection.

This fragrance is unique in its entirety. It represents a piece of the new society, even that is the contemporary modernism for you. This perfume contains everything that is to come, like an icy bath. therefore its best presence in winter.

The design of White by Lalique was carried out by Christine Nagel, who was in charge of the construction of a perfume that is certainly fresh, but with a tendency towards cold due to its notes of musk,  amber, cedar, and oakmoss. It has marked durability when we say about its longevity, while its wake is enormous, exploding to the last centimeter under which it can reach.


It is not common to find a perfume for men that is both fresh and mystical due to each of these words’ opposite characteristics. Encre Noire for Men wanders through your mind. it likely was a game, allowing you to become obsessed with everything it has to give you: that touch of mysterious sensuality that can touch all your senses.

With Encre Noir for Men, you can be sure that you will always find yourself fresh this is due to the choice of notes of cashmere wood and musk, both always towards the summer side, bringing a lot of shine time.

The riskiest will enjoy Encre Noire for Men since it has long-lasting longevity, which has made the perfume itself with a couple of sprays to ensure its high permanence in you, not to mention its trail that is heavy, this wants To say that by using it, you will have an aroma that spreads like gunpowder and, therefore, with a couple of walks they will know you.


For the most classic man, this is how the Pour Homme de Lalique is made for all men who feel identified with the fragrance. This is a perfume dreamed of by Lalique’s fans. The Pour Homme follows all the lines that should be noted to make it very masculine and elegant, a highly recommended perfume for long walks and excursions, and this will be that perfect companion.

It is created by Maurice Roucel, which was based on the design of a very floral perfume that would even appeal to both men and women.

This is why women bathed it with notes of sandalwood,  jasmine, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, and vanilla. This own perfume has the power of enormous duration with its strong scent and plays a lot with ambiguity, in addition to staying in places for a long time with its heavy aroma. It is an ideal perfume for springs given its capacity for seduction.


The ideal fragrance to achieve the most outstanding and the best trips come with the Hommage À L’Homme Voyageur. This fragrance is a very careful perfume where you are invited to observe everything you have around you discreetly.

With its aroma, you can be sure to attract attention, and more so in the case of a perfume that has notes of patchouli, vetiver, amber, vanilla, and moss, all of them very direct towards perception, there is no deception with this perfume. You can try it if you want to be the center of attention.

The perfume has lasting longevity that joins its enormous scent. It is worth noting that these same notes are the most special to end the possible monotony of winter


The Hommage À L’Homme is the fifth perfume of Top 8 Best Lalique Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021 that touches the topics to be a man but without losing the attractiveness and elegance.

This is a charming perfume from any point of view. Hommage À L’Homme is a perfume which any man likes because when you spray it on your skin, you will immediately notice that sensation of fresh air, a product of its notes of saffron, leaves of violet and bergamot, in addition to the pepper that it includes in its ingredient will give you that attractiveness that no woman can resist.

On the other hand, this fragrance has very long-lasting longevity and a huge trail, with all the hallmarks of the house present so that your presence is not lost under any circumstances. Due to its combination of perfection and freshness, it seems like a fragrance for the summer, to spend on the beach, in the sun, or on the sailboat.


With L’Insoumis, you will achieve that the casual and elegant come together in a perfume with all the earmarks that you will like thanks to the ease and freedom that it proposes.

The perfume of L’Insoumis is a must, as it includes Haitian vetiver, lavender, patchouli, and moss so that the softness and strength are on par to make a perfume like this immediately hit the younger audience.

Spring days now turn into very entertaining days due to all that youthful warmth that L’Insoumis can bring, something to applaud, and that gives a lot of energy to its aroma and everything that can be created with it. On the other hand, its huge wake and its longevity are long-lasting, nothing changes in this non-negotiable sector for Lalique.


The wood’s intensity is made a reality with Encre Noire À L’Extreme; this fragrance is one of his most manly samples, with a greater amount of extremes, strength, and of course, well-directed savagery. By using this fragrance, you will feel like in a forest where you are the one who controls everything while nature does its job so that you can feel very comfortable in a remote area.

The Encre Noire L’Extreme is one of those scents that immediately distinguish one made for the strongest men, these sudden movements.

Curiously, it was Nathalie Lorson, a woman who designed this perfume and did it with notes such as benzoin, patchouli, sandalwood, cypress, and incense. It helps you to consider that it is a long-lasting perfume since its trail moderate and its longevity is very durable, thus achieving an exciting combination where this perfume acquires a better representation towards autumn.


Lalique does not forget its masculine essence, even in the new times; that is why they released the Encre Noire Sport, a perfume made for sports lovers in any of its versions. There is no waste of such daring perfume and active perfume like this.

The Encre Noire Sport is a fragrance designed dedicate to a man competitive especially. It is precisely this perfume, all the challenges you can take in a given sport court, that in this way, the truth is that with Encre Noire Sport you will also have your touch of sensuality. This detail always does not go unnoticed even at peak sporting events where it is required to be the most appropriate to pressure.

The perfume itself has notes of Haitian vetiver, Bourbon vetiver, cashmere wood, and musk, so you can wear it without fear of excessive sweating, as it is quite dry, perfect for summer or hot days. Besides, the longevity of Encre Noire Sport has long-lasting and a huge trail, which is quite special not to ignore you.


What is special about Lalique Perfume lies in its success in generating an aroma that transcends the mind to gain access to the furthest place in your mind and change it to create its type of action. The top 8 Best Lalique Colognes and Perfumes for Men Reviews in 2021 are the perfect selection between elegance, ​​highly and sensuality, rudeness valued by man!

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