Wear the watch with left hand or right hand? Guidance from an expert

When should you wear a left-right hand watch?
When should you wear a left-right hand watch?

Although watches have been around for a long time, and have become an indispensable item every day for many people, wearing a left or right-hand watch is still a big question mark for many people. If the question of whether to wear left or right-hand watch makes you wonder, let’s find out with Top10perfume to learn through the sharing below.

Which watch is right to wear?

The truth is that there is no specific basis that requires you to definitely wear a watch because this depends on many different factors: habit, due to dominant hand … or even is due to the national culture.

Which watch is right to wear?
Which watch is right to wear?

The most typical proof of this claim is that in Ireland – all rings, watches, and rings are required to be worn on the right hand. However, in specific cases, you may need to determine which hand to wear the watch to:

  • You should wear the watch in the non-dominant hand, as it will not cause problems when working with the dominant hand. For example, if you are right-handed, you should wear a left-hand watch and vice versa.
  • If you wear a mechanical watch, you should wear your left hand. After all, the mechanical watch category has many buttons for editing, because the majority of people are right-handed, so the crown is designed on the right of the watch.
  • Should wear a right-hand watch if you use products designed for left-handed people, or when you do not have to have much contact with right-hand devices, without causing problems during use, you will wear the watch in his right hand.
  • For believers using automatic mechanical watches should wear them in their dominant hand if they do not want to wear them continuously for 8 hours/day.

Answer questions when wearing a watch

What the meaning of wearing the watch on a left-hand or right hand?

The fact that wearing a right or left-hand watch does not mean anything special, only a few cultures of some countries regulate the wearing of jewelry, including watches, which will form a habit familiarize and form the cultural customs of this country. In Vietnam and most other countries, it doesn’t make sense to wear a right-hand watch.

What the meaning of wearing the watch on a left-hand or right hand?
What the meaning of wearing the watch on a left-hand or right hand?

Are watch hands dependent on gender?

Wearing watches does not depend on gender, you need to consider the habits, dominant hand, culture, and preferences of each person.

As mentioned above, up to 90% of people today wear a left-hand watch (non-dominant hand) to serve daily life: driving, using the computer mouse, typing … wearing a watch in the opposite hand helps you work more efficiently, while also protecting the watch from scratches on the outside.

Besides, for people who wear mechanical watches, they often have to edit, wind up … wearing the left-hand watch becomes a habit, convenient, more convenient to use.

Is real the information about wearing the watch on the left hand is dangerous?

Currently, on a number of internet sites, it is recommended that wearing a left-hand watch will adversely affect health. because it will cause the god’s acupuncture point to be affected easily causing damage, ligaments … Some experts have concluded that it is wrong because both the right and the left hand have the acupuncture point, not just the left hand.

Moreover, according to traditional medicine, if acupuncture point is stimulated much, it is effective for improving a number of health problems such as relieving headache, dizziness, anxiety, palpitations, anxiety, fatigue. Often included in the method of reflexology should be performed massage reflexology.

When should you wear a left-right hand watch?

In addition to choosing to wear the watch in your dominant hand, you should also note the bullet points below:

You should wear your left hand if your job involves heavy hand activity: using a mouse, driving a car, or doing work with machines a lot.
If you use a mechanical watch, you should also wear it in your left hand…

When should you wear a left-right hand watch?
When should you wear a left-right hand watch?

Should wear the right-hand watch when: When studying without too much contact with right-hand equipment, the watch does not cause interference, does not affect daily life.

And should wear a right-hand watch if you choose a watch designed exclusively for the right hand, the hallmark you can observe the dial, dial.

If you have an automated watch but you don’t want to wear an 8 hour time, choose a more effective self-winding convenient hand because the dominant hand is the one that moves a lot. When it is necessary to adjust or wind up the winding, remove it to perform, so as to avoid the clock shaft being damaged.

Notes when buying watches

Notes when buying watches
Notes when buying watches

First, to be able to choose the right watch model, determine your job as well as your dominant hand, and then choose the most suitable watch.

Do not buy watches that are too tight for hands, because they will seriously affect blood circulation and sweat drainage.

When adjusting the time or you want to do anything on the clock knobs, remove the watch from your hand to edit, you should not wear the watch while adjusting because the clock will be very damaged.


Above are all useful knowledge about wearing a watch, hopefully, the sharing post will provide you with new and useful information from which to answer questions about wearing a watch on the left hand or right hand? If you have any questions, please contact the hotline for quick support.


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