What is a perfume note? How many notes are there?

Perfume scent (or fragrance note) is one of the basic concepts when learning about perfume. Almost every genuine perfume has 3 fragrance notes, so what is the note? Let’s find out with Top10perfume:


Fragrances are made up of three layers of scent with different proportions: top note(30%), middle note(50%), and base note(20%). These notes blend delicately together.


The first scents (top Notes) you feel when you spray or apply perfume to your skin are the first scent. These are small, light, volatile molecules that form a person’s first impression of a perfume and are therefore very important in selling products. However, this fragrance does not last long, only about 10-15 minutes to fade quickly. The scent of this grade is often described as “fresh”, “new” or “sharp”.

The smells that are frequently present on this floor are orange, tangerine, berry, and some sweet floral notes.


This is also known as the “heart” of perfumes (Heart Notes). Because after the first scent melts, the middle notes will stay on your skin longer, deeper and richer. About 10-20 minutes after you started spraying for an hour and a half, the scent of this middle floor begins to speak. This is when the scent gently removes the original sharp scent and becomes sweeter, creating the strongest impression. That is also why we consider this middle layer as the “Heart” of perfume, and when the scent of this layer appears, the presence of alcohol has almost evaporated. This middle layer contains many rich florals.

The ingredients in this central scent are less evaporating than the top notes, they are usually the scent of roses, jasmine, lilies, or lavender. The scent on this level is often described as mellow and “rounder” after experiencing the “sharpness” on the first floor. This fragrance class you will smell after 15-20 minutes and usually last from 2 – 6 hours depending on the type.


The base notes of fragrances are the deepest notes that are hard to evaporate. They usually have a strong, strong odor and last the longest on the body. These scents are usually wood, leather, vanilla, … which are described as very “deep” and can last up to 24 hours.

Although the last scent stays with you for the longest time, the scent is not as strong as the first and middle notes, so it’s almost only you and the closest person to feel, now the fragrance is your own and for yourself, it also has something quite sexy and instinctive to have skin contact to feel this fragrance.


Loving a fragrance is the same as when you love someone, maybe you fall in love with that person the first time you meet because of the charming top note. But after getting used to it for a while, the personality and soul (middle note, base note) are not what you expected.

There are original bottles of top note that are not suitable for you, very normal, sometimes even make you feel uncomfortable, but after a while, you are surprised how it smells so cute, it suits me very well. Then you love and love, although each time you meet them outside feeling you still do not like, you still patiently overcome it to have lasting happiness.

However, there are those who do not have such patience and seek for themselves a more perfect. But then it will be difficult to find the real fragrance you love because every scent you try a little, just like everyone you find is good, but there is something flawed, and you are forever looking for perfection.

On the contrary, there are people who are extremely patient, prefer a perfume bottle just because of a small note in it, that note you are using today is not, but the other day you use it, although you may not be able to use it. Choose another bottle that has these throughout
notes but she doesn’t like it, just a glimpse of it.


Different from ancient fragrances that were monochromatic, modern perfumes combine many perfumes together to create a lot of emotions for the user.

Perfumers are constantly working to create a balance between the scent layers, which then coalesce into a fragrance recipe.

With three notes of notes: top notes, middle notes, base notes. Producers can create a variety of scents suitable for many types of customers, weather, space, style, …

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