What is extraction perfume? Is the quality good?

You must have heard the phrase “Fragrances” a lot lately, right? And during the process of meeting with customers, I also received many questions such as “What is perfume?”, “Is the quality guaranteed?” or “Should I buy perfume extract to use or not?”… So today top10perfume will share this so that you can understand more about Fragrances.


Understand simply that perfume extract is perfume extracted directly from the original perfume bottle to a bottle with a smaller capacity. Extraction bottles are usually made of glass in the form of a spray cap, a roller, or a dot. Depending on the seller or the request of the customer, the extract will have a capacity of 5ml – 30ml.

Some perfumes without mini or Fullsize bottles are quite expensive. Especially the exotic or rare fragrances are difficult to buy, so a perfume bottle will be a quite suitable choice. While being able to experience many scents, you also save a lot of money. In addition, every time you go to work, go out or travel, these bottles will be extremely convenient. It can be pocketed and carried anywhere.


Actually, there is also a little but not a significant impact. Still retains the same odor as the whole bottle if you have specialized tools to extract and extract properly.

But remember that the original bottle must be genuine. For poor quality goods, even if extracted properly, the scent will fly quickly. Therefore, if you want to buy perfume extract, choose a reputable store to ensure the extracted perfume is real perfume.


I will share three simple extraction methods that can be done at home for those who already have a Full bottle but still want to have an additional extraction tube that you can take with you every time you go out.


First, prepare yourself a spray or roller extraction tube for ease of use and a 10ml cylinder (the syringe has the needle removed).

  • Step 1: Open the bottle cap and remove the perfume bottle nozzle.
  • Step 2: Place the syringe in the spray nozzle of the perfume bottle so that it matches. Then pull slowly in a vertical cylinder to draw the perfume from the original bottle. Do not pull too fast as this will reduce the pressure in the tube and the pull-up perfume will not be much.
  • Step 3: Pump the extracted perfume into the bottle that you have prepared.

This extraction method will avoid the possibility of losing the smell as well as wasting the most perfume. Not too difficult, just be a little meticulous.


In this way, you should have a perfume dispenser. You can buy this nozzle at e-commerce sites such as lazada, shopee …

  • Step 1: Open the bottle cap and remove the perfume bottle nozzle.
  • Step 2: Attach the extraction nozzle to the nozzle of the perfume bottle to match.
  • Step 3: Put the mouth of the extraction tube into the extraction nozzle and press the button repeatedly until it is almost full.

This way is easier to do than the above method. But there will be perfume bottle nozzles that do not match the extractor very well, so when you use it, you will more or less splash the perfume out. So you should pay attention when using this extraction method.


There are some perfumes that are very fussy in design and you cannot open the bottle cap to extract perfume like the two ways above. Then there is only one way that you have to spray this perfume bottle directly into the tube to be extracted.

  • Step 1: Put the spray of the perfume bottle at a 90-degree angle into the mouth of the extraction tube.
  • Step 2: Once you have placed the nozzle in the right position, press the spray button repeatedly until it is almost full of the extraction tube.

This way does not need to be fussy, but please be careful when doing it. Because maybe a little bit of perfume will be lost.

Through the information top10perfume shared, I hope you will understand more about fragrances, as well as the know-how to extract perfumes. Depending on your preferences as well as your needs, you should each consider and decide whether to use perfumes or not. Wish you can choose for yourself a perfect scent.

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